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Bug Report
I had leatherworking and skinning, with a lot of new new patterns. I dropped it for Blacksmithing and Mining.

Proceeded through those quests and switched back to Leatherworking and Skinning. I used the Forgotten Patterns of the Broken Isles and the Forgotten Techniques of the Broken Isles to get my patterns back.

It did give me several, BUT, most are missing, specifically the Dreadleather patterns I had, AND the Dreadleather pattern I have is rank 1 now instead of rank 2.

Do not drop professions at this moment expecting to go back on par. Currently at least.
It appears my skinning skills also did not retain their rank skill ups. I am now concerned that I will no longer be able to get Unbroken Tooth and Claw.
The Forgotten Techniques of the Broken Isles wont even work for me at all. Says I already know the spell. I did the introduction quests to inscrib.. then I said nevermind.. I will dual gather... and now I cant relearn the legion master to push me from 700 (gated) to a max skill level of 800.

Same thing just happened to me too, lost all 815 LW recipes except for the bracers. Pretty lame.
Happened to me on my Leatherworking "Forgotten Patterns of the Broken" Says I already know the spell, and i lost Legion Leatherworking along with the starting patterns :/
I just had this happen to me this morning.

I had previously completed the questline that awards the Dreadleather patterns, and purchased all of the Dreadleather recipes (except for the helm recipe) from Stalriss Dawnrunner. I also purchased rank 2 of the Dreadleather Bindings and Dreadleather Belt.

Then some days later, I dropped leatherworking for blacksmithing, with the intention of returning to it at a cost again later.

Now, this morning, I dropped my skinning and re-learned leatherworking in its place. After using "Forgotten Patterns of the Broken Isles", I successfully re-learned all of the low-level leatherworking recipes (Warhide, etc), and Dreadleather Bindings Rank 2, but none of the other Dreadleather patterns.

It would be nice for a blue to post about this (letting us know if a fix is in the pipeline, or at least that this is known to the dev team), so that others can avoid making the same mistake in the interim.
Same issue, dropped LW for a couple hours to do some side trades and the "Forgotten Patterns of the Broken Isles" did not return all of my previously learned recipes.

All of my Warhide/Battlebound recipes seemingly gave me 1 rank BELOW what I had previously earned and I only got the Gravenscale/Dreadleather Wrist patterns back.

While I CAN re-acquire the Gravenscale/Dreadleather Recipes by repurchasing through the vendor in Suramar I CANNOT get back many of my rank2 Warhide/Battlebound recipes as they are all given as a result of 1-Time LW quests. The result is I am stuck with many Rank 1s of these recipes and have no way to improve on them.
Same issue happened with me. Cannot re-learn Legion Mining skills. Says "This Spell is Already Known" when I try to use the book.
same isue, although the dreadleather patterns do not apply for the forgotten patterns of the broken isles item, it specifies that only quest patterns will be re-aquired, BUT, i too have the problem where i did get all my warhide patterns at rank 1, when it should give me rank 2 for them, now i am forever stuck at rank 1 because the quests ar not repeatable
If its working as intended its description as to what it actually does is terrible. It should say. "Relearn only the recipes learned from the leather working quest-line. All other legion recipes and all previous expansion recipes will be lost forever. All purchased ranks and recipes will be lost."

I tried it because i was like hey blizzard wants us to try different profs. What was i thinking. It would make too much sense if it worked properly my god it could even have been worthwhile to swap profs instead of needing an army of alts.

as it is not sure if i want to bother anymore.... *soul crushed
Any update on how this works now?
I'm trying to use the "Forgotten plans of the broken isles" but it says the spell is already known. If so, does anybody know where i can find the spell that I apparently already have??
10/05/2016 11:56 AMPosted by Liladonia
Any update on how this works now?
Per more recent posts on places like Wowhead, it is still bugged. This is a seriously problem, yet blues can't be bothered to even acknowledge that a fix is being worked on.

I dropped skinning for herb due to the insane prices, but want to switch back with the Blood vendor being introduced in a few days. I get an insane amount of bloods from skinning, making herb unnecessary. But if I can't get my previous skill ups back, it's a waste to switch back.
04/11/2016 here and got the issue today. Dropped leatherworking for alchemy but then switched back to Lw, used the relearn the precious recipes items, got several but some of them are only rank 1,, when I had rank 2.

Now I think it is imposible to learn the lost ranks since there is no way to take the missions again.

I won't say is hard to believe that no blues are caring about this but it's been 2 months already and the bug is still present :/
Can confirmed as of today that Inscription is also bugged, had all of EN vantus rune, and now they are all missing. All it did it boost my kill to 800, but I am still at 1/800.

I will open a ticket with GM and see what they say. Hopefully get my 1 k back.
is relearning mining bugged?
When I tried to relearn mining I went from rank 2 in all the Felslate (nodes, living, seams) to just rank 1 but it kept all my other ranks
Same here, can't use my Warhide Pants: Rank 3 because I can't get my Warhide Pants: Rank 2 as it is the reward for a one time quest. Raised a ticket but no go.

Same issue with leatherworking. Completed many quests to get rank 3 patterns dropped for herbalism assuming I could get the patterns back with the books. Low and behold the books don't work properly. Submitted a ticket, has to be close to two months ago now, still isn't fixed and support had no remedy other than buy another forgotten techniques book and see if it gives you more patterns back. Which it didn't.

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