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Doctor Strange day!
Open to a handful of DPS classes as of right now!

Looking for fun, friendly players who can also keep up with the crew of competitive raiders we have! :)
Pushing this back up!

Our case by case casual recruitment is open for now. Looking for players who still want to excel at their class but just don't want to commit to raids. :)
On up for some more DPS!
\o/ Patch day!
Go vote!
What a crazy week.
Trial of Valor was fun!
Changed up some stuff
Hope everyone had a great holiday!
On up again!
Changed up some things. We're really happy with our roster at this time but we're open to 1-2 more DPS.

Personality is HUGE for us, so we're looking for other fun, interesting and team oriented adult players who play WoW for fun. Though we do take our raiding time seriously, so please be competitive and interested in progression if you choose to apply. :)
Changed up stuff!
Looking for that Healer!
Changes and stuff :)
And stuff!
Almost Christmas time!

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