cant get on any of my servers

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Feathermoon/scarlet crusade is where most o f my toons are and i see some of my friends list on FM but i get a long retreaving realms list then no realm that i have toons comes up are they down? or is something up
None of my characters are showing up on the server list, so I picked one of them (Sargeras) and tried to log in, but after picking a char, it just loads to about 90% and freezes.
Same thing happening for me. I'm sitting at 90% loading. I'm on Elune if it's worth anything.
Same here on Medivh.
<edit> OK, it finally left the screen and gave a message it couldn't find the character. Then I relogged and it worked.
Same here, none of my character are showing up. Even tried to make another character on a different server that was available.... said error when I tried to make it!
Same here with Wildhammer and FIzzcrank
Same here - I try to log onto a server and it gets to about 80% loading and just stays there.
I gotta get my Panda groove on Blizz....chop chop

P.S. Downvoted for being a Panda?!?! How dare y.....nvm, I understand.
Can't get on Tichdondrius, when it finally showed the server n I went to log into my hunter on it loads 90% of the way n then just stops :(
Experiencing the same issue on Malfurion. Stuck at 90%.
log out of everything n wait about 5-10 min to restart, just logged back in n everything popped up n worked as normal :)
Goodluck to all
Same here on Burning Legion. Stuck at about 90% on the loading screen.
Same issue for me. Have to just close out the game. Tried logging on Azuremyst and Windrunner.
Same here. Especially frustrating due to the fact that I'm only trying to log in because of problems I've been having with Overwatch as of late... why I am paying for this crap?
Same for me on Shadow Council/Terenas.
Same here for Arygos/Llane, I managed to get past "retrieving realm list" to find that my main realms had no character's on them.
I had this issue, logged out of battlenet, logged back in, working fine now
Adding my name to the list! Same issue; can't see any characters on the server screen, but they are there when the correct server is chosen. Once logging in, stuck at 90%
Really curious on the total number of support agents Blizzard has monitoring these forums. For the player base they still have it...feels a little low. Considering the number of blue posts you see in response to most of these posts.
Just dealt with the "Unable to verify version" issue that didnt let me log in, and now this in the same day?

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