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Greetings friends I wanted to ask for some advice me and a group of friends are wanting to do pvp for the new mounts( those super cool dragons) and so we picked classes we got a frost dk a ret pally and a mw monk if I am correct it's vanguard cleave. My question is what do you y'all think ?
Going from never being 1550 to Gladiator to get "super cool dragons"? And with that comp? Ooooh boy
Rets are in a bad spot atm, also what the guy above said ^
Well not never I play arena just not rated I enjoy pvp immensely and am willing to put in the work
I think what he's trying to say is that with your experience, if you want to obtain gladiator, you're going to need a tier 1 comp. I'm pretty sure that won't be a tier 1 comp, although someone more experienced can verify that.
Hey if anything, season 1 is usually when melee are ultra-mongo, maybe you will get past 2k and more. Good luck with glad though, that's never easy.
Fair enough I am a noob lol never the less I will try as hard as I can Thank you for your help folks
Though since many people did transfer horde, and factions now have separate season end rewards, all the rewards are more obtainable then ever. However having said that you still can't go from casual to glad :P

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