New Blue! Welcome to Aerya!

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Hey everyone!

Please join me in welcoming Aerya to the World of Warcraft Community Team!

Aerya has been a citizen of Azeroth since the earliest days of Warcraft, and she’s had her share of adventure over the years (wait for all of her tanking stories from Burning Crusade!).

She joins us to handle our day-to-day Social Media communications for World of Warcraft, but you may see her around here on the forums from time to time as the need arises. We’re happy to bring another experienced community veteran into the fray to help in our fight against the Burning Legion!

Welcome Aerya!
Welcome to the community team, Aerya! It's nice to see the team growing!
Hi Aerya! Welcome aboard! I hope you enjoy your time here and on the social channels! :)
Welcome and congrats
Welcome welcome~
Welcome Aerya.

P.S. I'm next in line.. right Ornyx?
Hello "Aerya", I feel like I already know you =P
Greetings and hallucinations!

Welcome to the team.
Welcome!! Glad to have you on board.

*sets out a huge tray of cookies, coffee, and tea for Teagoat*

Just don't feed any of the forums trolls after midnight. No matter HOW much they beg! AND NO BRIGHT LIGHTS!

Welcome to the Jungle!
*enthusiastic waving*

Just remember when it gets tough: The Web is a silly place, populated by silly people. (It helps me keep a sane perspective.)

Also: cake or pie?
I used to have a signature here. The Shattering... shattered it. Please don't step on the pieces.
Welcome to the party! :)
Hello and welcome to GD!
Fresh meat! Oh wrong game.
Welcome, Aerya!

*waits to see what her avatar is*

We're so glad that Aerya's here.
08/26/2016 06:56 PMPosted by Shionn
Welcome, Aerya!

*waits to see what her avatar is*

*also waiting to see* ;)

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! I'm super excited to have joined the team.
Welcome and fix ignite.
Salutations, Aerya! :)

*gives a welcoming cupcake*

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