The Black Tome quest is bugged

Bug Report
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still bugged 5/1 /=
Bugged for me too :/ 5/3
still an issue, submitted a ticket, but haven't heard anything in a week.
still bugged 5/4
no tome spawn still 5/10
It's not bugged for me anymore! 5/11
5/13 bugged for me, tried to abandon and get the quest over, tome still not showing up, sad
still bugged ffs
5/20. Still bugged. GG Blizz~ :D
Still bugged
Still !@#$ing bugged...come on blizz
quest bugged for me aswell same issue book not spawning
No tome there when I try to do the quest.
Bugged for me also....... sigh.... 5/21
Bugged here as well. I'll open a ticket and hope for the best.
May 22 2017 still bugged, guess the don't care.
this is STILL broken
i've got a bunch of quests in this area and i have alternately camped right at this spot or returned to it very regularly over the course of three hours now. no book. !@#$ this
Still bugged 5/22... who wanted flying, anyway? =/
05/22/2017 01:06 AMPosted by Macchiato
Still bugged 5/22... who wanted flying, anyway? =/

oh man, i unlocked flying a while back and was just going thru this questline on an alt, it didn't occur to me that this was part of what is required for flying. that really sucks

anyway, i spent hours in this area doing the questlines + farming 50 demon rune stones for a priest order hall quest & this is really bad, much more so now that i realize this is required for flying. in addition to the very VERY very long respawn time for this object that simply has to be clicked, there is intense competition for said object/click... at one point while i was hanging around waiting for the spawn, i was competing with 3 other players from my faction and an alliance blood DK hovering directly overhead on his flying mount. this is very late on a Sunday night/Monday morning mind you, i wouldn't want to even try attempting to complete this when people are actually playing.

one of the other players signed out right at this spot so he could periodically sign in, see if it's there, and sign back out... so that's what, a day, two days, three days where he's not even going to play in all likelihood, he is stuck here in this spot and can't move on and can't do a thing til then...

this seems like it is meant to be a trivial quest... you go to a spot on the map, kill a couple non-elite mobs, then click a book to take it... but it is now the equivalent of camping a rare spawn mob (back when rare spawn meant they rarely spawned) and, unless you luck out, you will spend more time trying to accomplish this one step than you spend on the entire quest chain leading up to it. standing around, doing nothing, afraid to step away from the spot the book spawns for fear someone else will grab it and you'll be stuck waiting another, what, 4 hours?

there has got to be something that can be done, i can't see why making the book instantly respawn when taken would hurt anything. or make it drop from one of the interrogator demons that hovers right over it's spawn location. anything would be better than how it is now!

please fix, especially for the sake of those trying to unlock flying :/ ty

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