[Legion] Compilation of Suggestions/Bugs

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This development cycle called my back


Posting the class-wide analysis posts first, both mine and others, and the straw poll with a total of 45,000 votes where warlocks are ONCE AGAIN back to below 6% at 5.72%, down from ~8% the past two expansions. Meaning we lost almost 30% of our player base. So you know, there’s Something Wrong Here™.








PVP class analysis



Warlock Vanity/Aesthetics/Flavor and Graphics Bugs

    1. Casting Fire Spells, Warlocks in general (as red fire) got a new casting animation on their hands when using fire spells. This does not carry over at all when green fire with green recolors of it, but instead uses the old version of the fire casting animation. http://i.imgur.com/GO4BYtg.jpg
    2. Felsteed And Dreadsteed, When you summon these two mounts w/ green fire, there is a splash of red fire still that radiates out your mount, and these two screenshots (http://imgur.com/izqaSfc http://imgur.com/Arj3OF3) capture that. When you finish casting your Dreadsteed or Felsteed, the cracked fiery crater on the ground left behind isn't stationary, but instead follows you. This affects only the green fire version.
    3. Demon Bolt, the red fire in the cast animation was not updated to green fire ever.
    4. Shadow Bolt/Firebolt, http://i.imgur.com/2l2C6X2.jpg Doesn’t actually come out of the player’s hand on races like humans, doesn’t come out of the imps (any of them) correctly, and the Doomguard/Terrorguard
    5. Grimoie of Service Imp shoots red fireballs when green fire is activated.
    6. Drain Soul, was reverted back to the WOTLK visual, not the WOD visual.
    7. Infernals no longer have the immolation aura visual, any of them (guardian, permapet, artifact, etc)
    8. If soul shards are baseline for all the specs, the floating visual should’ve been baseline with glyphs to change it to either the Burning Embers firey visual (green and red, increasing your catching on fire with each shard), the Verdant Spheres visual, invisible, or even add new visuals for this such as having each soul be a floating soul effect like Warlock Soulburn used to have and DK’s currently have, or for demonology, each soul shard turns us more demonic like demonic fury would operate as (e.g. 0-2 shard = nothing, 3 shards = green fire on hands/feet, 4 = demon horns, 5 shards = dark apotheosis purple/green wings visual). This is a particular loss of aesthetics to everyone, and a removal of a truckload of flavor warlocks had.
    9. Chaos Bolt’s mini chaos bolts were removed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGUEv1qKW_Y http://wow.zamimg.com/uploads/screenshots/normal/294087-chaos-bolt-make-that-3-little-chaos-bolts.jpg
    10. If Glyph of Nightmares (water walking warlock mount) is too utility game breaking, then okay, but if it isn’t, maybe streamline the glyph into Underwater Breathing.
    11. Drain Life’s animation is ancient and dated. If the main filler of affliction can’t be updated in a meaningful way (not a lot of ways to update a green lazer channel), then maybe change Drain Life to Malefic Grasp for Affliction the same way Shadow Bolt becomes Incinerate for Destruction. This would give Affliction back it’s “evil soul destroying” motif and make use of a BEAUTIFUL visual that is unused.
    12. The classes feel too homogenized, between Soul Shard mechanics and our class wide DPS cooldown. Suggestions have been: changing the demons per spec, giving Destruction/Affliction other DPS cooldowns with a similar/same function,
    13. The Darkglare Demonology Talent is just an Observer with armor. A better demon would be how it was originally: an Inquisitor, as it was originally, or an Eredar caster.
    14. Life Tap lost it’s WOD animation, back to WOTLK/Cata life tap.
    15. Warlock lost the ability to speak Demonic due to not wanting cross faction communication in PVP. With Demon Hunters now being able to speak Demonic, this renders the original reason useless, and we should get our flavor language back. DH and Warlock get their own demonic planet with demon armies at our disposal, so it’s fair to both speak Demonic.
    16. What should be Green Fire if you have Codex active: Demon Bolt’s fire part, Implosion, Grimoire: Imp.
    17. Doesn’t make much sense on a Class Fantasy note to have Aff/Destro CD burst damage be centered on summoning a demon.
    18. Aff has no visuals in general. No scary effects on our target with all of our dots.
    19. So many new demons in the game, and yet absolutely no glyph to change our demons to said new models/demons. Kinda odd for warlocks.
    20. Why can hunters sense demons but warlocks can’t……………………?
    21. At this point the question is being asked: why do warlocks still have mana?
    23. Skull of Thalkiel doesn't hover at all around like he did in beta. What happened to flavor and class fantasy?
    24. Glyphs to change the Infernal and DOomguard also not implemented. Are you serious? Warlocks have no visual flavor at this point and you also don't implement our vanity glyphs?

Warlock General (PVE/PVP, QOL)
    1. Too much RNG on shard generation. While a degree of RNG is understandable, Affliction is 100% RNG and Destruction conversely relies on Conflagrate for Soul Shard generation. Recommendations have been allow the fillers a chance to generate soul shards as Shadow Bolt does for Demonology.
    2. Remove Mana Tap. This was removed because it was to taxing on healers in high level content if I recall. Are healers no longer stressed about having to heal warlocks now so we can maintain DPS?
    3. Demonic Circle baseline again. If we are to be the more tankier caster with limited mobility while Mages are the mobile caster with limited survivability, then why do Mages get a freezing ability, ice block, invisibility, 2 charges of blink and their shield as baseline, while we have absolutely ZERO mobility as baseline now? Demonic Circle as TWO buttons, so we don’t have to make cancel aura macros, as baseline returned would be ideal. Removing Demonic Circle from warlock is askin to removing blink from baseline mage and putting it as a talent, or conversely ice block being removed or invisibility (or both) and turned into talents.
    4. Soul Shatter returned, or alternatively make Unending Resolve a bubble type mechanic a la ice block for mages or pally bubble. We don’t have anymore “emergency” buttons.
    5. Healthstone doesn’t heal much anymore. But Affliction healing is very, very, VERY strong right now. Perhaps just boost healthstones for Demonology and Destruction somehow?
    6. Mana costs feel a little high for our basic rotation, and we’re running out of mana (and health) very quickly in more aggressive pulls as Demonology or Destruction.
    7. Talent tiers don’t make sense sometimes. Why is Demonic Circle, Burning Rush, and Dark Pact (being a planning tool, a mobility boost at the expense of health, and a defensive CD) on the same tier? Why are AOE talents scattered between tiers and single target talents scattered the same way?
    8. A lot of the builds are forcing to either be an AOE build, or a single target build. With talents only changeable in rest areas, and Legion being very dynamic and full of world bosses and world quests, this seems unreasonable. Baseline Affliction has great single target, awful AOE, destruction has meh single target, awful AOE, demonology is the only one half decent in this regard.
    9. Tied to the spec specific feedback on the forums but a lot of folk feel the specs were designed AROUND the artifacts.
    10. Demonic Gateway is a one trick pony with a 2 min debuff, very short range, aggressively obvious location/appearance, and a cast time. Please consider reworking into something more functional.
    11. TYING EVERY SPEC TO A SPECIFIC DEMON FOR MAX DPS IS A BAD DESIGN. This was literally moved away from back in MoP because it made no sense to have a whole variety of demons and then force us to only use one of them (Demo Felguard, Aff Felpuppy, Destro Imp). Not sure why the design philosophy for demons is back to Cata/before Cata model of “DPS or Utility pick one”.
    12. Shadowfury for Demonology/Destruction should be instant cast, as it was and has been for as long as its implemented, as it’s Affliction talent spot Howl of Terror is.
    14. Been suggested for soul harvest to return to its version where it granted four or max shards. It would definitely be a quality life improvement with raid functionality during push/burst phases.
    15. Intellect nerf seemed excessive to a lot of players, not all of our abilities were causing certain mechanics to be broken, and just throwing the baby out with the bath water was a lot.
    16. Ramp up time feels way too long for all the specs. Affliction can take upwards of 15-20+ seconds for full shards, if not more. Demonology takes 8 seconds top which is the fastest and seems reasonable. Destruction takes anywhere between 24-36 usually to get full shards. On fights where you lust at opening, warlocks as a whole are screwed.
    17. Warlocks are the only pure DPS class in the game without a baseline snare.
    18. Warlocks are the only pure DPS class in the game without a baseline slow.
    19. Warlocks are the only pure DPS class in the game without a baseline stun.
    20. Warlocks are the only pure DPS class in the game without a baseline interrupt.
    21. Warlocks are the only pure DPS class in the game without a baseline escape.
    22. Grimoire of Sacrifice is far too weak at the moment, it’s damage buff relying on yet more RNG. Return this to a flat damage buff and regaining its capacity to grant one of the two utility spells each demon has.
    23. FIXED- SOUL HARVEST APPEARS BUGGED, it's operating as an AOE pull for some reason.
    24. Warlocks DPS is so low, with virtually no meaningful AOE except STS builds for Affliction, and no meaningful burst in any spec, we are getting harassed. There are now a dozen threads with a lot of warlocks saying how we are being mocked for our damage, booted from dungeons because nobody wants a warlock, or being outright denied in any pug.

    1. Affliction’s artifact abilities are entirely tied to on-kill mechanics. This makes the abilities/passives rather useless for raid boss encounters. While the flavor matching the spec flawlessly, consider changing one of this abilities to something more regularly functional. Maybe make our attacks generate soul fragments where x soul fragments form a Tormented Soul, or alternatively make Soul Flame occur during attacks?
    2. Siphon Life is mandatory for ST due to Shadowbite mechanics since yall tied Aff to felpuppy again, STS is mandatory for AOE, so Soul Harvest is irrelevant.
    3. Unstable Affliction has no cool visual, nor does Haunt really.
    4. There is no serious burst capability for Aff. SoC isn’t particularly useful for most trash.
    5. A unit frame or reworking Soul Effigy so it follows you seems necessary.
    6. Being 100% dependent on RNG for Aff so we are working inherently on a deficit model with resource insecurity is not fun to play, point blank. Our filler should generate soul shards on some mechanic.
    7. Soul Effigy despawns with phasing.
    8. Haunt doing increased damage based on “stacks” of UA would add synergy to Affliction. Haunt in general seems boring to many.
    9. Reiterating changing the Drain Life visual for Affliction into the Malefic Grasp visual. Such a beautiful, visually awesome ability that is rotting in the code atm.
    10. Affliction no longer has any way to spread it’s dots in any way in an efficient way.
    11. Soul Effigy sometimes doesn’t take the first dot cast on it. Soul Effigy also is able to become out of range on a boss where the boss moves a lot. Soul Effigy sometimes also just outright doesn’t work.
    12. Drain Life doesn’t interact with the spec at all, thus it is not engaging besides being a filler and health regen.
    13. Some suggest the removal of soul effigy given that it’s a mechanic that frost mages had that nobody likes and was tedious to work it, and unrewarding, and buggy as hell.

    1. PLEASE GIVE HAND OF GUL’DAN DEMON VARIETY, by N’zoth’s shadowy tentacles and Sargeras’ burning loin cloth. Impology as a model is not fun, it is not exciting, it does not fill one with the class fantasy of being the most powerful summoner of demons in all of Azeroth and possibly history with a skull of a summoner that predates KJ and Archi. PLEASE allow Hand of Gul’dan to summon any four (depending on soul shards still obviously) demons and with variety color palettes as wild imps currently are. In fact change all Wild Imps to Wild Demons in general, if this is at all possible. Please. The class fantasy of master summoner of all demons doesn’t work as an Impologist with two puppies on a timer.
    2. Reiterating the Darkglare change of model request. Having an observer on a cooldown with our now-glyphable observer option is not ~cool~. A Jailer demon or an Inquistor demon would make more sense too, in fact I think Inquisitor was the original model. Gee, would be cool if ONE of the many new demons the game got would be a talent.
    3. Demons, when summoned, stay on the original target until they disappear. This limits our control of our own damage and mechanics, and makes things very complicated when we have to switch targets due to boss mechanics. Side-Demon AI is terrible, and Dreadstalkers are too slow to follow a moving target usually, and Wild Imps often just don’t move if the target moves out of LoS.
    4. Demonic Empowerment feels completely spammy, what with having to cast every time you summon any demon. Recommendations are ranged from turning it into a reactive proc that extends the duration of all current demons, heals your current demons, and buffs them for a longer duration, OR turning it into a self-aura that lasts for a longer time OR changing it otherwise so it’s more rewarding or used leShot in the dark, but vs in a rotation.
    5. Various posters don’t think that it was absolutely necessary to take Metamorphosis AWAY from Demonology for the sake of giving it to Demon Hunters. Our lore and mechanical functioning of Demonology was radically different. Not to mention, comments about how “Meta was too complicated” is frankly an insult to the player base. Doubt this revamp will be reverted obviously, but worth mentioning: y’all doubtfully enjoy it when folk call you names, so consider not calling players incompetent idiots even implicitly. Unless we’re fine with the status quo being back and forth, but the insults started with the “it’s too complicated for players” comment. To be clear: the reality of current Demo is that we are running MORE ADD ONS than pre-Legion-post-Cata Demo. These are #facts. So the whole logic behind the Demo changes falls flat on its face rather aggressively. It is now quite literally more complicated to play Demo than before.
    6. 100 imp firebolts for only 100% increased damage on Shadow Bolt is so completely underwhelming I have no idea what this is supposed to inspire. These two values are completely unreasonable.
    7. A very thought out suggestion posted on a thread: A resource/stack builds up as your “lesser demons” attack (Dreadstalkers, Hand of Gul’dan demons PLEASE ADD VARIETY) and at a certain point, you summon a new, other demon temporarily. A rotational cooldown, so to speak, but increases our burst capacity. Perhaps even replace that very tedious and kinda absurd 100-firebolt-for-100%-increase-sb artifact ability.
    8. Consider making Call Dreadstalkers instant cast, or anything really? Having everything be hard cast is beyond tedious truth be told, and it would validate the relatively long CD, if it’s to function not unlike conflagrate. This compounds with Demo being unviable in PVP. Double ramp up time (shard build up, hard casting summons, hard casting empowerment, then filler) is a lot.
    9. Doom is too slow for PVP functionality, at least without dispelling protection.
    10. Grimoire of Service demons despawn if their main target dies sometimes, and always on raid encounters
    11. Repeating, where is the Glyph of Wrathguard recipe? Where is it? Why was it not implimented? Why is demonology the one that is most gutted in terms of aesthetics? Can you please add this glyph in game?
    12. Thalkiel Consumption hits for far too little now post nerf and on live. With the amount of set up the ability requires for it to hit decently, not sure why it was nerfed.
    13. Thalkiel has Spellpower? Is that intentional? Wasn't Spellpower removed?
    15. Thalkiel's Consumption is coming from us the player rather than Thalkiel right now.

    1. Destruction’s burst relies entirely on our artifact ability. The baseline damage for destruction should be increased (ideally Chaos Bolt, as it now hits for so little it is described as a “wet noodle” by various posters on various threads for the past whole year), and the artifact adjusted accordingly.
    2. Rain of Fire costing three soul shards for weak damage is excessive. Either soul shard should be decreased (or scaling for each shard), or it’s damage increased, or as a compromise, leaving it at 2, increasing the damage as well, so as to be able to cast two rain of fires if you have full shards. And of course, remove the cast time. Three soul shards, 2 second cast time, AND bad damage is excessive. http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748465452
    3. Grimoire of Sacrifice is relying on RNG, and it’s at the expense of total utility from the demon and the soul link which helps reduce health loss (even with life tap). Returning this model to a flat increase, and a health increase (as we lose soul link with Sacrifice), and even a lesser version of our demon’s abilities seems reasonable.
    4. Chaotic Energy is also unreasonably based on RNG. This should be reworked to be more consistent, or at least provide synergy between our abilities. Some suggest a flat crit % increase, retaining the RNG dynamic but also helping Chaos Bolt damage as mentioned earlier.
    5. Wreak Havoc opened a can of worms with its cleave capacity making balancing ST damage very complicated. A very bad can of worms. No one is sure what to do about this, but a problem is generally recognized. Suggestions are: Wreak Havoc only deals a % of the damage to the secondary target (like it used to be at one point in MOP if I recall)
    6. No longer any baseline synergy between Conflag, Immolate, and Incinerate took away a fulfilling aspect to the spec.
    7. Roaring Blaze nerf was an unreasonable gut to ST damage. If Wreak Havoc is causing gamebreaking cleaving, then remove it and let us have our ST damage.
    8. Lord of Flames seems out of place for Destruction. If Destro’s Class Fantasy is causing chaos and fel destruction, and Demo’s is the master summoner with hordes of demons, why is Destro summoning packs of Infernals and Demo is only an Impologist? Also we’re back to 10 min CD abilities, thought this was a Bad Model™? Additionally tying it to our infernal makes being able to micromanage our damage.
    9. Pre-Legion Fire & Brimstone was nice and balanced to be honest, now Destro AOE feels gutted and boring, again due to the high cost of Rain of Fire, weak CDF, and meh F&B.
    10. Backdraft should be baseline, and back to its original model. A 5 second buff is beyond unreasonable, especially one SHORTENED by haste. It’s always been part of our toolkit, and we were balanced. This change seems unreasonable.
    11. Chaos Bolt could consume ALL soul shards for scaling damage.
    12. Replace Destruction’s Mana Tap talent slot with Soul Fire passive, causing your Chaos Bolt to have a % chance based on soul shards used to replace your next incinerate with soul fire, dealing increased damage (100% guaranteed at 5 shards obvs). This is tied to the previous suggestions.
    13. Mastery changed to roll x number of times and take the greater result, damage % adjusted accordingly for balance. This used to be what Conflagration of Chaos artifact trait was, and fit with the Destro theme of being MASTERS of chaos rather than being controlled by chaos (aka RNG).
    14. Roaring Blaze nerf just made the single target weakness even worse. If the talent cleave is game breaking, the solution is balance the talent cleave, not break single target.
    15. There is no dispel protection for Immolate, which is a problem.
    16. F&B should be baseline as an alternative way to fix Destro AOE.
    17. ARTIFACT QUEST FOR THE STAFF IS BUGGED AT EVERY STAGE, being unable to interact generally.
i think for the long term health of the class they need to do away with both mana and soul shards in favor of a gradually building resource.

Mana as dps holds no value in its upkeep. You are only struggling with it to keep doing combat at all, not to do higher damage.

And soul shards do not fit a class that is built for longer ramp ups and payoffs. Combo points are better for quicker building and quickly dumping as a resource. They had to put RNG in to begin with thanks to having combo points. That would have been unnecessary if they had a gradually building resource like 'Fel Power'.

Even if it takes all the way til the next expansion, it would be better to switch over. I'd rather get that idea in their heads asap.
Keep up the good work, baal. I'm sure we will see some needed changes eventually.
Thank you for putting this together.
You are the senpai this class needs.

Edit: I noticed it mentioned that Paladins can teleport to their class hall but they don't, the portal is hidden in the class-specific areas of Dalaran. Mages/Druids/Monks/Death Knights are the only ones with teleports.
08/26/2016 01:48 PMPosted by Ork
You are the senpai this class needs.

Edit: I noticed it mentioned that Paladins can teleport to their class hall but they don't, the portal is hidden in the class-specific areas of Dalaran. Mages/Druids/Monks/Death Knights are the only ones with teleports.

Ah okay. It was on one of the threads, will remove!
Rain of Fire. Plz fix. Destro's baseline AoE is dreadful.

3 shards for a RoF really throws a spanner into the rotation as you need to keep a reserve of 2-3 shards to use it. It's ridiculous and feels tacked on.

Catalysm takes too long to cast and has a CD. Fire and Brimstone is liable to get you killed if your Incinerate hits a stray add.

We are pretty much out of options.

08/25/2016 08:36 PMPosted by Covun
i think for the long term health of the class they need to do away with both mana and soul shards in favor of a gradually building resource.

Discrete resources are fine. It's just this implementation leaves much to be desired.

FFXIV's SMN Aetherflow system is much more manageable - 3 charges instantly on a CD of 1 min.

You can use the charges for,
  • Drain - heals and regain MP a little; as a minor (last resort) burst ability
  • Fester - requires 3 DoTs to be up for max effectiveness (does zero damage if no DoTs are up on target); your main single target burst ability
  • Bane - spread your 3 main DoTs on the target to every mob around it (does nothing of course if you target has no DoTs on it); pretty much your staple AoE move
Very well done Baalsamael.
Thank you Baalsamael for preparing this post. I think it is very helpful and I hope the developers think so too.

Roaring blaze needs to disappear period. Why should our top dmg abilitiy be a dot...I don't get why people are just upset about the nerf and want it reversed...the entire idea behind that talent is trash. Save conflagrates so you can buff a dot as destruction? That is what affliction/haunt should be for....but oh wait they trashed affliction too... The general consensus is that warlocks are trash right now...They need to just return aff/destro to how it was in WoD...and start a new idea for the next patch...because as it stands all 3 warlock specs are trash
I check these forums every day hoping to see a reply from the lock team.

And I'll keep checking them while my lock sits pretty at level 100..
This should be sticky really.
bump and updated with the Scepter bug and the Thalkiel bug and feedback
am i the only lock having an issue with soul harvest? i pop it and aggro's 10-15 mobs.
08/30/2016 08:25 PMPosted by Jupiteran
am i the only lock having an issue with soul harvest? i pop it and aggro's 10-15 mobs.

You and three other people have mentioned this happening on these and other forums so I added it.
Good work on this list!

An additional note on Demon Bolt. The tool tip states "Draws energy from your demons" however I notice that when it fires it sends a bolt at all my pets and any additional Quest NPCs that follow me around in addition to my target. It seems to me that it should first draw energy from my pets to my lock, then send a blast from my Warlock to the enemy.

Thal'kiel's Consumption - The tool tip states "Thal'kiel drains 6% of the life from your demon servants and unleashes a blast of Shadow damage at your current target equal to the life he stole", however the blast of shadow damage actually comes from the player's Warlock rather than Thal'Kiel. I was actually hoping for something similar to the DH Eye Beam ability coming from the skull, but I know... Class diversity and all that.

EDIT :: Found another to add

Summon Dreadsteed. The summoning animation's visuals cut out almost immediately at the start of summoning this mount, and the audio cuts off at the same time. The Warlock will continue the casting animation and the mount will still summon at the end of it's cast time. Just the visual/audio gets clipped too early.

  • Dreadstalkers and imps MUST LAST LONGER, 15 seconds imo
  • Buff dreadstalkers and make them insta-cast
  • Buff imps and reduce cast time of Hand of guld'an
  • Give us a Fel Lord
  • Give us our wrathguard glyph
  • Remove Demonwrath from existence
  • Doom DoT is crap, either remove it or give us a better DoT
  • Thalkie's Consumption is TRAAAAAAAAAAAASH, either buff it or let us summon a Pit Lord
  • Reduce the cast time of Shadowbolt, 1.3 sec seems fair to me
  • Make "Demonic empowerment" insta-cast
  • Soul Harvest: Increases damage by 30%, Last 15 sec, INCREASED BY 2 SECONDS FOR EACH DEMON YOU HAVE ACTIVE
  • This thread should be top priority for blizz devs.

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