Old BWLers

Blackwing Lair, Dethecus, Detheroc, Haomarush, Lethon, and Shadowmoon
Are any of you OGs around? If so, what server?
Do I count?
Last time I saw another BWL player, I had to rub my eyes and look a second time. :P
Suh dude.
<-- Consecration/Loot
know quite a few from bc still here
This is the first time I've played since Lich King lol
They all left with crowd control RIP.
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Are any of you OGs around? If so, what server?


09/07/2016 06:21 PMPosted by Pebbles
Suh dude.

So sex leg. <3
I'm still here.
Heartsign here. Used to run with <punchyouinthefacebig>. Miss all those epic fights against Shock and Awe.
I no longer play on BWL, however I was on Alliance in Vanilla on BWL - joined when the server launched.

I was Scuro in the guild Reckless, We go most of the server-firsts if I remember correctly, including opening the Gates of AQ.

Good times.
i thought i replied to this but yeah im defaca from BWL back in vanilla and throughout BC. was undead war, i remember arcton, steelygar, nethreata, stepko
By the Gods!

I see old names I havent seen in ages.
How is everyone?
does dblockn count
Still around, main on BWL was Tiller , myself and 2 RL friends ran Delerium
shout out to the old Crowd Control guys, as we use to have a little friendly rivalry.
haters gonna hate but BWL is love BWL is life

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