Paladins! Rate Thy Transmog! #4

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The #3 one maxed out for responses, so please continue this amazing thread topic. I enjoy seeing all of the Xmogs far too much to let this die.

The last poster of the previous thread gets a 9/10 from me. I like the color matching.

Edit: lets throw in a twist! If you have suggestions for improving an xmog, feel free to share what you feel would make it a 10/10! :-)
Eh 5/10 from me. Not too fond of any of the tier gear post wrath
8/10 though if it were me brother I'd change the weapon and ditch the crown. Other than that. Solid Mog.

I can dig it. Very Paladin-y
4/10... the boots and weapon are very out of place. Also, my tmog is nothing special so don't take it personally.

Props for the classic Judgment set and Ashkandi.

Cons for the guild tabard. :P

I want to go higher,but the Armory is showing a blue/white box for a shield,so who knows?

Original and awesome, just think the belt is a bit off.
10/10 because elite gear

8/10 because WoD

Overall 9/10
7/10, pretty slick but +1 for Grand Marshal's Claymore, 8/10!
9/10 like the concept of being a Thera more knight but the weapon like the challenged mode ones is a little over used ^^
9/10 very nice, but BE.
6/10 overused set and weapon


You look very, very top heavy.
08/28/2016 12:39 PMPosted by Xterminatus


You look very, very top heavy.

0/10, just play a deathknight

I like it. For some reason though i get a Pyramid Head vibe from it.

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