[H] <Cutie Mark Crusader> Mythic+ group

Muradin and Nordrassil
<Cutie Mark Crusaders> is a Cata era guild that is coming back to the game. We are recruiting for 5 man Mythic+ dungeons as our main goal. So far not that many have come back so it's sadly like a new guild again. I plan on being a small mature guild that is casual in a focused way. Focused on doing the harder content, but not as hardcore as a mythic raid guilds on high pop servers would be. Casual as in we are not elitist dbags that will kick you for not being on 7 days a week.

Figured i would add a little personal wow history so this so here goes. Been a longish time player on Muradin. I started playing in Wrath. As like many others i have played here until Cata and some of MoP and then when it got pretty empty traveled around to a bunch of servers raiding here and there, finally coming back to my home here. I took a break from playing during WoD as i didn't see any community at all, at least not like it used to be. I came back for Legion and it looks pretty amazing so far. This community isn't that big and there aren't that many players here any more. Personally i think a fully functioning Mythic raid group that can do fairly competitive progression as almost something impossible. Although i'm not that familiar with Nordrassil, so i can't say for sure. At least Muradin hasn't seen that kind of progression since Wrath, and a little bit of Cata. Now that the intro is done, on to the spam.

This is for those that enjoy a smaller tight knit group and don't really enjoy that large raid system with that company feel. Whether you are an old player returning (like me) or a new player that wants to conquer hardmode content, Mythic+ might be for you.

With the new Mythic+ dungeon system we can see hardmode content on a smaller scale. For those that would like to challenge content that in later scaling will be on par or harder than mythic raiding. With the removal of our beloved 10m raiding this seems like a great alternative for those smaller groups that still enjoy hardmode gameplay. My goal is to create a team or teams ( of enough people) to be able to progress with the + system as it gets harder and harder and find our personal limits. Then learn to overcome it as a team. There is no structure at the moment as it seems that no one even comes to the forums or seems interested in trade chat, but if this actually starts happening future update posts with a structure will be made.

If any of this sounds interesting you can contact me ingame on Life or Death. Or you can always add my btag Death#11914 if you want to know more about our future plans.

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