[H] <Darkmoon Knights> New casual guild!

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hello everyone! :)

<Darkmoon Knights> is a new casual guild. We're looking for more friends to join! We don't want you for your toon, we want you for you! Therefore all classes & levels are welcome.

We offer a friendly, fun place where you can relax and enjoy the game without the requirement of raiding. You have the freedom to play how you want to play!

Raid teams are going to be made for those that want to raid, however, it is not our sole purpose. Therefore, if you're looking for a serious raiding guild, then we're not for you.

All spots are still available.

Raiding Requirements:
  • Properly geared
  • Be prepared and on time
  • Know your class
  • Have Discord set up and ready to go
  • Be patient and have fun
  • No yelling, fighting, or belittling
  • Remember, it's a game! Raiding should be fun, not stressful
  • PST any member in-game for an invite. If you have additional questions then feel free to contact me:

    Hellos in my current guild there are about 4 of us active but are seeking more people to play with to do mythics, raids, and just more people to just to have fun with.
    I'm interested in learning more. Do you have a website I could check out?

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