Arcane Artifact quest INSANELY difficult?

Anyone else have this issue? I'm trying to do the scenario in the nexus at level 110 and I'm dying repeatedly to single mobs, this definitely doesn't seem right or I must be doing something wrong.
I decided to switch to my main spec (frost) and with item level 839. Echo of Aluneth still kicks my !@# even when I use timewarp, icy veins, etc. and it has over 20 million health. Something is definitely wrong with the scaling of this quest at level 110.
I thought it was just right. Don't forget you have spell steal! ;)
Everything is harder at level 110. Take off your gear. I guess that makes it easier? I hope they are tuning the artifact quests down a lot.

As of right now, they apparently scale with your item level.
I'm not sure if you're doing anything wrong or not, but I'm fire, and did both the Frost and Arcane artifacts at 110 with no problem. Don't forget to spellsteal when you can like someone mentioned above.
I was spellstealing everything, didn't really make a difference though. I eventually completed it, but I did notice the final boss had 6 million health and was a complete joke compared to the beginning mobs + echo of aluneth (which had over 20 million health).
It's 100% over tuned specially at 110..... I made several bug reports about it during the beta but it was completely overlooked. Even with spell steal..
I did the quest as arcane with the 740 staff you can buy from the order hall vendor at 102. Compared to Ebonchill and Felo'melorn, I did find that it was much more difficult. The Echo of Aluneth killed me once before I realized that standing still to chuck spells at it was not a good idea and actually used some mobility. I think the final boss of the place would have been much easier if I had used Mirror Images to take the heat off of me (died three twice before I figured it out). As it is, you have to move down the ramp during his push back and interrupt his channeled spell and not stand in any zones of death. It was a challenge.
It's doable. I did the arcane questline as fire at ilvl 808, the mobs hit quite hard but it wasn't impossible. The first set of spellcaster adds killed me on the second mob, and then the large arcane miniboss killed me once as well. I was fine after that.

Progress doesn't reset with deaths so worst-case it takes you a couple of deaths to complete. I agree that it's a bit overtuned at 110, but you're pursuing a legendary weapon, it shouldn't be terribly easy.
May be a scaling issue. At 102 it was fine.
Arcane Blast till oom?
I think I got Aluneth at 106 and it wasn't incredibly difficult.
It scales to item level with over 830ilvl it is impossible. Take off your gear but leave your weapon on... Easy mode.
I had to spec to fire to finish the arcane quest LOL...kind of ironic really and quite telling about how horrible arcane is so far this expansion.
did it as frost thought it was pretty easy had no problems
I did it as arcane at 100 in ilvl ~700 gear and it was definitely close. I've done about 10 artifact quests for various classes, and the arcane one was the only one that wasn't extremely easy. If all the others were 1-3 difficulty on a scale of 1-10, the arcane one was around a 7.
Did it at 100 and my only issue was last boss mechanics. After I figured out the ramp, it was smooth.
At higher ilvls, it scales to be pretty hard, so it is a better choice to do it while still levelling.
Also, everyone complains game is too easy, and I think that the artifact quests, being a little bit more challenging, are pretty welcome
For Echo of Aluneth, use Invi to drop aggro, let the dragon tank it and free cast.......That's what I did.

For the last boss just stand across the bridge and interrupt/iceblock his channel. Blink if you get pull. The quest is quite hard but there are ways around it.
Yes, you have to spellsteal.

Sadly, you can only spell steal about 3 times before running out of mana, so make sure you don't mess up.

Arcane really needs to have spellsteal made cheaper.

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