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Nazgrel, Nesingwary, and Vek'nilash
Join our in game community: https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/5EbBZkzCqyv?region=US&faction=Horde

Naughty Secrets (established 2009) is a Horde casual raiding guild on Nesingwary. We are looking for mature players to join our ranks. We are a laid back guild comprised of mostly adults, with the exception of a few of our teenage kids who are also in the guild. We have been around for awhile, many members of the guild have been gaming together for more than 6 years. We have active members who are on every day and several more weekend only players.

Currently we are working on Nighthold Raid (progression 9/10 Heroic as of 5/28/17). Our goal is to have a fun and provide a comfortable environment to play in. Most of us enjoy doing harder content such as Mythic Keystones but by no means are we hardcore or elitists. We are mostly looking for players who are able to raid Wednesday and Saturday night, but if you aren't a raider, it isn't a deal breaker. If you are the type of player who just likes to do questing, dungeons, still leveling up or only play on the weekends, you can still have a place with us without feeling pressured to do otherwise. We do not force guild members to attend raids or play a particular spec, we do not ridicule guild members (other than in jest) and we don't kick from group (without just cause and warning). If we see somebody struggling with gear or playing their class we instead offer help and advice so that we can all do better as a team.

Several times we have been asked by smaller guilds to merge with ours. This is something that we do consider and have done successfully.

Please send an in game mail message to myself or Kult (GM) if you would are interested in joining Naughty Secrets.

General Forums recruitment thread: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755685851#post-1

Nyxi#1930 Nyxi-Nesingwary
We are still recruiting for raids, keystones and late night pvp fun. Currently seeking healer and ranged dps but won't turn away a good player regardless of level or gear. As long as you are an active player, a friendly person and willing to do the work with us, we can help get you there! :)

My name is Tega and I am the GM of <Minstrels of Doom>. We raid on Normal (currently 7/7 N) 2x a week. Your description of your guild is very similar to ours. We are small as well, and often have trouble filling our roster, we usually run with 12-14 people in our raids.
What I was thinking was, perhaps a few of you could hop into our Raid and we could down some bosses together until you get a full raid team yourselves.
Let me know what you think.


Hiya Tega! I will have Kult, our GM, contact you in game regarding joint raids.
first person to apply gets a Left Shark!!! hurry up, it's a limited time offer!
Man, I want a Right Shark though...
We're still looking for good people, come try us out any time. :)
Hiya, not sure if you still monitor this thread or not but I'm a former tank for minstrels of doom. My brother and his GF and a friend of theirs is seeking a home where they can learn and grow. I may be coming back as well on a casual basis. Was curious if you might at least take them on as they are looking for a place to get better and eventually raid. Hope someone gets this and hope to hear back soon. Sorry for any typos as this is from my phone =p.
Recruiting for Raiders on Wed 8-10 pm & Sat 7-10 pm server (CST).

Requirements: DBM & Discord
Preferred Specs: Heals & Dps
Know or be able to learn and follow boss mechanics.

We have an open recruitment policy. We do not turn away players for membership due to level, item level or achievement progress. All that we require from members is to be friendly and cooperative.
For those of you who may on a different server that are not sure about coming here to Nazgrel I just want to say it is sooo worth it. I am originally for Bleeding Hollow and I was a PVPer. About a year ago I found myself wanting to get back into PVE with a guild that was laid back and fun, BUT who also wants to progress without the drama. Ever since I joined these guys I have been happy with my decision. We are always having fun and laughing together when we raid and push content and to me that is extremely important. If you are looking for something like that as well I strongly advise you come join us we would love to have you.
I added you on bnet . You responded to my post . My husband and I are interested and would like to talk to you are another officer
Recruiting For: BFA

Scheduled Raids: Progression Wednesday 8-10pm & Saturday 7-10pm server time Alt Farm Thursday 8-10pm (CST) *During off-season and downtime between expansions the Progression night will become Alt/Farm/Achievement Fun Run and Alt Farm will not be scheduled (alt toons will be welcome for all raids at that time)

Other Group Activities: Mythic + Keystones most evenings & groups for quests, farming, etc.

Loot System: Personal for current content and Group Loot for some farm content to ensure distribution of tier gear to alts that need it

Raider Requirements:
DBM - https://wow.curseforge.com/projects/deadly-boss-mods
Discord - https://discord.gg/Gac6xpB
be friendly & able to learn mechanics, show up on time & do your part, loot the boss (food/flasks/repairs provided by guild)
Open Membership: No class, spec, level or item level requirements to join

Common Questions:
Can our guild join your guild? Yes, we will consider merging your smaller guild with ours. Have your GM message our GM (Kult) to discuss details.

Can more than one character join the guild? Yes, your alts are welcome.

Do I have to raid every raid night? No, raid when you are able.

Do I have to know all the fights? No, we can teach you our strats, although we do
encourage you to look them up beforehand to save everyone time during raids.[/ul]

More Info: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20748957839

How To Join:
Best Way - Contact a guild officer via in game to chat regarding your request to join us.
Second Best Way - Send a request through the in game recruitment system and our members can click your request to add you (if you are online at the same time).
Third Best Way - Send a request through in game mail to a guild officer.
Other Ways - Reply to this post requesting membership or join our voice chat to request membership

Guild Recruitment Contacts:
GM - Oghr#1260
Treasurer - Nyxi#1930
Officer - Baminar#1541
Officer - Rothar#1986
The best time to reach us is an hour before raid begins. If one of the above members is not online at the time you wish to join, please send an in game message and let us know when you will next be online so that you may be invited. You are also welcome to join our Discord General Chat channel to ask for an invite from one of our other members.

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