WoW is an MMORPG.

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World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game.

Why do so many people wanna be anti-social and play alone? :).

EDIT : These down-votes are beautiful. give me more. i wish to create a legion of down votes. -evil laugh-
Because different people like different things.

I'm the same IRL as I am in game. I don't do social things. Ever. My social consists of interacting with family.

Why does it matter to anyone else what I like anyway? As long as I'm not in here asking for the best/latest gear/pets/mounts to be handed to me even though I don't want to group up, what's the issue?

Live and let live.
Bluntly? Because Blizzard put in place a system that allows the game to be this way.
Why does it matter? They paid for the game, same as you, and they can and ought to enjoy it however they happen to enjoy it.

Contrary to popular belief, their doing so does not actually change anything for anyone else.
I like seeing other people around as a sort of background noise, if you will. I'm also heavily introverted with a large dose of anxiety, and while I don't avoid group content, I prefer to solo as much as possible. I play with one friend, and that's enough for me.
What the hell...? Really? Can NOT believe.
09/19/2016 07:08 AMPosted by Luciferhealz
World of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game.

Why do so many people wanna be anti-social and play alone? :).

That's how I enjoy the game. I deal with people all day when I'm at work, then I come home to my family, then I get on WoW with some mellow ambient music and a scotch and step away from the talking world for awhile.
I don't mind grouping for dungeons and WQ but I prefer to quest alone. I level my profs while leveling and if I'm partnered with someone I'm forever running to catch up to them or being told to hurry up.

It's not so much that I prefer to PLAY alone as much as I prefer to go at my own pace when I do play.
09/19/2016 07:13 AMPosted by Scarault
Bluntly? Because Blizzard put in place a system that allows the game to be this way.

Pretty much this. Blizzard broke down the EverQuest model and tailored it to casual players; flying, queue tools, guilds where nobody talks to each other, so on and so forth.

It's fine presently because there's a wealth of things to do, and you can't breeze through it without having to cooperate with somebody. But it was becoming painfully obvious during Warlords that the game was on autopilot, from the people who play it to the people who develop it.
Because I am a death knight and all my friends are dead.
I wanna be social but the moment i gaze my eyes on /2 chat i saw:

random dk: Woooohooo im getting a prostate massage


random mage: thunderfury, blessed blade up your

Im sure you'll get what i mean and thats the exact reason i keep to myself.
I don't understand it either, but who cares how other people spend their time playing the game they pay for. As long as they're enjoying it, more power to them. This is a form of entertainment after all.
Playing an online game doesn't mean I'm required to be a social butterfly and friend everyone in sight, it only means there are other players there too.
damn so many down votes, i was just curious :) jeez lol.

i never said anything was wrong with it but i guess some people out there assumed i was like so many people assume things xD.

i shall keep my curiosity in check next time for fear of being down voted. -nods-
Because I hate people who put passive aggressive simleys everywhere.
Let's break it down.

Massive. Check. Sure is a big game.
Multiplayer. Yes. More than one person is on the game playing at any given time.
Online. Obviously.
Rpg. Debatable. A lot of RPG elements have grown weaker over time while others have gotten stronger.

So yes. It is a mmorpg. Words I don't see are group, guild or raid.

So while Blizzard uses tropes such as raiding and group content that, in and if itself, does not factor in to qualification as a MMORPG. Nor does Solo content.

It's simply an RPG multiple people play at the same time through an Internet connection.
WoW is not an MMORPG anymore
it's a lobby where you queue, do your business, then back to the lobby.
Because this game has a tendency to have a pretty toxic community. I have a friend who has no problem doing dungeons/social content in other MMOs but when I asked them why they never want to do them in WoW they replied "Cause people always get so mad over nothing during them"

Doesn't help that for the past few years Blizzard has had the option available to be as social/anti-social as you want in WoW and still be able to progress, just not as well or as fast as the people who are. In Legion a lot of progress can come right to a halt because people don't want to be as social as others.

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