Sea Giant King / King Morgalash bugged flag.

Bug Report
We've been camping the location of Sea Giant King / King Morgalash in Suramar, but the flag we're supposed to click, it's not being useable (It's stucked there, and won't reset).
Banner is also bugged on Garrosh
Frostwolf bugged as well
Seems like it's now fixed on Ravencrest, was able to use the flag, and kill him.
Bugged in my shard on Earthen Ring.
Bugged for me as well, flag is not clickable
Not clickable on Feathermoon either. I already completed the Jardvik quests, if that makes a difference.
bugged for me also
Bugged on Saurfang US too
Broken on Bronzebeard .. FFS Blizzard this was reported ages ago, FIX IT!
Bugged on Mannoroth :(
Still bugged.
Bugged on Earthen Ring
Bugged on caelstraz as well
Bugged on Zangarmarsh
Bugged on Gilneas
Not working on Illidan.
this is bugged and it's bugging me
Still bugged on Perenolde
Bugged on doomhammer

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