Any login queues on this server?

Malfurion and Trollbane
I'm on Stormrage, and we've got 1-2 hour queues. According to the census data on, this realm has less than 30k characters, whereas Stormrage has 65k. Do you all have login queues?
I haven't seen any!
I'm on Stormrage also, but not sure those numbers are accurate OP. shows 600k+ on Stormrage with a 20-1 ratio (alliance-horde) compared to 255k on Trollbane with a nearly 1-1 ratio. Seems like a good target for a transfer.
What the frick blizzard?! I can understand being in que for a minute, if it were truly a minute, but the time in que has me at over 20,000? I haven' had a que since the expansion came out, but all of a sudden I get booted from the game and now I cannot get back in. There's been bugs consistently and for as much money as we fork into not only buying the expansion, but the monthly subscription, you could put a little more time and effort into preventing people from getting randomly kicked off the game and then not being able to get back on to their dungeons or raids. The time for dungeon ques is ridiculous enough as it is and now I have to wait to get on the game as well?
i got DC now im 11800 in que to log in
There are now...

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