Mistweaver in Pvp

I know WW is rather strong right now but how is MW doing atm?
They can pretty much be immune to interrupts with the right combo of talents and know-how, 'bout all that needs to be said
I'm only in the 100-109 bracket PvP, so take what I say with a grain of salt....But I sure as hell hope that MW monk healing gets better at 110! It's just brutal. The damage is just so high as times I literally can't out heal it!
Like I said, it may get better at 110, but for my level I simply refuse to heal until 110 anymore.
MW is amazing is bgs, its utility is what drives it. I can single handedly keep my team alive, and will only fall short when I get focused and oom. Our mobility plays a huge role in it. Mistwalk, roll and jade statue make us almost impossible to stop from healing unless we get chain CC'd that is.
yeah MW is def not bad at least in random bgs.
you have trancsendence, chi torpido(or roll), mistwalk to kite.
also legsweep and paralysis for CC.

when I have troubles is usually when 3+ focus on me and i dont have time to cast.
but after taking AMA, i guess(hope) it will be even easier because you will be able to soothing mist + effuse/envelop mist while you move (if you take mistwrap)

and yeah my healing is top most of the time, so its not like MW can kite but cannot heal (well it's random bgs though)
Mw shines when you get your pvp talents. Counteract magic and refreshing breeze are amazing together.

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