[A] Creative Anarchy LF Mythic Legion Raiders

Mok'Nathal and Silvermoon
Creative Anarchy (9/13M HFC 5th on server) is looking for more raiders to fill out it's mythic roster.
We are a fun raid group that will push content as fast as possible. A laid back but serious raiding guild.
Raid times are Tu/Th 7-9:30EST (4-6:30 server)
Get in touch with myself, cathbadh-mok or midgetion for more information.
Bump for 7/7h.

Looking for a tank and possibly some dps.
Updated for 3/3n.

Still looking for a few RELIABLE DPS willing to show up for both raid nights on a weekly basis as we being to push into mythic content.
Bump for:

10/10n 3/10h

Looking for strong RDPS who can show on a consistent basis and do mechanics.
And now 8/10h and 3/7m.

Looking for a tank and quality RDPS.
10/10h now. Still need a tank and a couple RDPS to push into mythic.
To the top for 2/10m. Still need a couple rDPS and either a tank or a mDPS with strong tank offspec.
Bumped for 9/9n and 3/9h

Looking for skilled melee or ranged dps.
Now 7/9h. Still looking for DPS.
Updated for 8/9h
9/9 heroic. Still need ranged DPS to get started in mythic
Looking for players of all roles for Heroic Antorus.
11/11n and 2/11h
To the top for 8/13h
11/11 heroic.

Looking for another healer and 3-4 more dps to try and get back into mythic raiding
Still recruiting a heal and a couple dps
1/11m, still need about 3-4 dps and 1 healer. Also accepting cross realm raiders for mythic if they're willing to show up both nights.
Creative Anarchy is no longer recruiting on Silver-Mok and has move to Dalaran-US.

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