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It's been 3 days after transferring faction letting time go by hoping that armory would update sometime. Been difficult getting into M+ groups since nowadays people rely HEAVILY on Raider IO specifically requiring 'X' amount of score to be invited. Explaining to the party leader that I recently faction changed and Raider IO hasn't updated yet so its not showing is quite a...disturbance. Raider IO requires ARMORY to be updated for the addon to work. A fix would be appreciated. Thanks!
My character is not showing up as well as I get a straight up 404 error trying to look at my achievement or raid progression page - this breaks any service that relies on the armory inclusive of logs and wow progress making it very inconvenient as the game culture largely relies on those for progression and invites.
I recently server transferred my DH.
It took about a day for it to register on the armory.

But now there's portrait/graphics missing and other data. So it hasnt carried over my past M+ runs etc.

Been about 3 days or so now.
Seems i can't post as that character either.

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