Alterac Valley: outdated mechanics

It is no secret that Alterac Valley is basically a different battleground post Burning Crusade than it was when it launched. As World of Warcraft evolved, AV's unique mechanics became more and more broken. For this post, I will be setting aside the issue of whether AV should return to its original roots, and focus instead on components that do not support its current implementation.

    Turn In Quests are all tuned for a much longer game than we see today. As a result, it is extraordinarily rare to accumulate enough of basically anything to complete a single turn in quest within a game.
    Wing Commanders suffer doubly from this state because you cannot even turn items in to them until they've been rescued, possibly halfway into the progress of the game.
    Faction Bosses take far too long to summon and assault the enemy base. The game will literally be over before they leave the Field of Strife.
    Reputation with AV factions originally allowed experienced players to direct key NPCs to begin a certain action once it was enabled. Now that players level much faster today, combined with the much larger pool of available battlegrounds, the number of players with advanced faction reputation is very low.
    Trinkets earned through the battleground no longer allow players to teleport back to base to turn in items or defend, as trinkets no longer function in battlegrounds. The ability to turn in loot is significantly harmed as a result, especially loot that must be collected from the opposite end of the map.
    Caves of kobolds/troggs no longer have any quest-related function, as they no longer serve as an introduction to the battleground. Their continued presence serves only as a distraction from the actual objective of the game. (This one might have been fixed already?)
    Loot is basically impossible to gather because the battleground is set to group loot rules. If you kill an enemy NPC, you probably can't loot it because there are 15-20 other friendly players in the area eligible for the same loot, all of whom will run past the corpse without looting anyway.
    Turning in items is an exceedingly tedious task due to the time it takes to click through each quest box.

There are some areas where AV could be tweaked to modernize it and bring it up to date with current content. These would be cool features, but including them won't "fix" anything.

    NPC speech or voice files for key events, such as a faction leader being engaged or killed.
    Targeting frames for boss NPCs in combat.
    Progress indicators for graveyards/towers/bunkers changing factions.
    Instant item turn-in, bypassing the quest and "minimum turn in number" systems. Possibly bypassing the need to return to base at all.
    GUI to display current turn-in progress.
    Destructible buildings to replace the "fire" effect.

Blizzard has repeatedly said they're aware AV isn't in a great place today. Hopefully these points will help direct areas where it can be improved.
Sadly ashran took over
av is just for bots
09/18/2016 07:31 PMPosted by Fishdots
av is just for bots

To be honest, it kind of was in classic too. I mean it was a lot more fun but there were so many people who would just idle in towers for rep rewards.

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