[A] <Regen> 5/8M - 2 day - Recruiting!

Altar of Storms, Anetheron, Magtheridon, and Ysondre
[A] <Regen> is recruiting for Mythic Uldir

We are currently in need of the following classes/roles:

Holy Paladin
High Parsing Melee & Ranged DPS (Any)
Tanks for M+ Groups

We are, however, always looking for exceptional applicants and high parsing DPS regardless of our current recruitment needs. If you believe you'd be a positive addition to our raiding team, we highly encourage you to apply.

About <Regen>:

<Regen> is a progression oriented guild on the US-Magtheridon server.

Formed in Jan of 2011, our founders were united under the belief that competitive raiding should require exceptional performance, not excessive time.

The members of <Regen> set and maintain high standards so that we raid for shorter periods of time while remaining competitive in progression content.

Raid Times:

7 pm - 11 pm (EST) Tuesday
7 pm - 11 pm (EST) Wednesday

Invites go out at 6:45 pm (EST)

Given the limitations of a 2 day guild we expect that all aspirants will be able to fully commit to our raid times and maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible. Loot is handled by officer council based off of attendance, performance, attitude, and recent loot received.

Our Expectations:

Our raid core has traditionally been very small and we expect several non-negotiable traits in our aspirants.

We're looking for dedicated raiders with extensive raid experience. Every aspirant should be extremely knowledgeable about the class and spec they have chosen. Consumables, gems, enchants, and even professions should be selected to maximize raid performance. Time or cost should not be a determining factor in raid preparation or performance.

In addition to dedication, all aspirants should have a strong sense of self-motivation and a desire to be the best. We want individuals who will constantly push themselves, review their shortcomings and find new ways to excel every week.

That being said, however, it’s also important to mesh well with the raiding core. We have a team mentality while raiding and showing up with a poor attitude or a chip on your shoulder is not conducive to good teamwork. The ability to take constructive criticism is an absolute must as well. Basically, those people prone to emotional outbursts or deep cutting should think twice before applying, as there is zero tolerance for that here.

If <Regen> fits your style of play or you have any questions about recruitment, please fill out an application or contact our officers:



Real ID:
Lemistio (Lemistio#1110)
Seraphia (Seraphim#1985)
Aelianna (Aelianna#1758)
7/7 H Bump.

Rank 1 Alliance Guild
There are no breaks on this train
Looking for a solid Windwalker
2/7M Bump

Dump the TANK get the RANK
Bulb why do you heal the boss
we wuz tanks n shiet
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5/7 Bump

F*ck blood bosses
Good day,

I have recently got back into the game after a brief hiatus. I am looking for a great place to hang my hat and have some people to run with. Currently leveling up my Warlock as fast as I can to start raiding again. would be great to apart of a guild that is very active. I know I am not they yet!! but hopefully soon.

thanks for you consideration

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7/7 Bump
Gratz on 7/7.
add me on discord:

Need an experienced resto druid or a rogue? Rig#1667. Lets talk.
Updated recruitment needs - Very interested in a DPS Warrior

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