Message in a beer bottle

Bug Report
I fished up a message in a beer bottle from Nat. It says to right click to open but when you do it says empty slot.
I'm experiencing the same :(.

I open the Message in a Beer Bottle, but it's empty.
I don't loose it, so I can re-open it, but it never contains the Axefish Lure (or anything else). I've tried opening it in various places, and in The Great Sea, but to no avail. I've also destroyed it, and caught another one, but it's exhibiting the same behavior as well.

Which really sucks, because it's the last rare fish I need for the achievement.
The item inside is unique, as long as you have one in inventory this will happen, once you use it clicking the bottle will replace it. It isn't presented well but it works.
Yes, that was the case for me, which I found out after trying to purchase the Axefish Lure from the AH, is said I already had one. Guess I had picked one up and stashed it away last week without ever realizing it :(.

So just open up all your bags in your bank and do a search for Axefish, and you should hopefully see where it is.
I had the same problem then looked very carefully and found I already had the lure the bottle gives in my bag> I used the lure and was able to obtain another by right clicking the bottle.

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