Disconnect when Leaving Warrior Class hall

Bug Report
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Just had it happen to me, this bug is still NOT FIXED.
Getting a little old with this bug.
Still happening, definitely not fixed. I'd even say it is worse now since Blizz tweeted that it was fixed.
I submit bug reports, like a good little girl, but nothing is fixed. I can fly now, but its still an inconvenience of time to fly from Azsuna to Stormheim, plus I also get minor damage to my gear when dropped.
Just happened to my warrior.
Still happening, definitely not fixed. ::sad_warrior::
Just happened to me on this toon. Landed on Fury Rock in Azsuna. Not fixed, it seems.
Happened at least 10 times to me today.
So now instead of landing of "fury rock", it gets me to the correct zone but drops me very high above the ground and then I splat...so actually kind of better because at least I am where I'm supposed to be?
Hadn't happened to my warrior (started lvling and hit 110 in January) at all until today, now everytime I try and go to broken shore or Dal I get DC and thrown to that spot too... mostly annoying when I hit the button to jump to Dal then remember im about to get booted, THEN realise my hearth isn't even on CD :(
Just happened to me twice in a row. Tried to go to Broken Shore both times, ended up in Aszuna twice. Freakin annoying ><
Had not happened to me in quite some time (there was a hotfix a couple weeks ago I think?) but it happened to me today again when going to Broken Shore.
Has not happened to me in weeks (following hotfix), but happened again last night when leaving Skyhold. Looks like it's not fixed 100%. Oh my.
I'm still being dropped to my near death in the middle of Azsuna.

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