Rumor Has It.

This quest sucks. Seriously . Someone needs to dock the pay of the moron who designed this garbage. I can't even.....arrhrhghghhghr!!!!
I need to do this idiotic quest, and I have ZERO motivation to. And I've put myself though a !@#$ ton in WoW before. But having to do a corpse run to do one quest is total BS.
Oh, one more thing that I failed to realize when doing the quest that would have made it a lot easier: all the detect-invis elves in the area can be CCd. Hex and Paralysis work, and I'd assume Sap, Repentance, Polymorph, Fear, and Freezing Trap would be fine as well. A lot of the problem guards are in pairs, with one detector and one non-detector; if you CC the detector, you can just walk by them.

This discovery allowed me to solo the group world quest in the same area. I did end up killing some of the guards near the targets, but only because I can't kill anything without AoEing all over the place.
This questline was as bad as all of wod but in one quest, so far its the one dark mark in an otherwise wonderful expansion/
09/18/2016 08:46 PMPosted by Zephyrs
Oh, one more thing that I failed to realize when doing the quest that would have made it a lot easier: all the detect-invis elves in the area can be CCd. Hex and Paralysis work, and I'd assume Sap, Repentance, Polymorph, Fear, and Freezing Trap would be fine as well. A lot of the problem guards are in pairs, with one detector and one non-detector; if you CC the detector, you can just walk by them.

This discovery allowed me to solo the group world quest in the same area. I did end up killing some of the guards near the targets, but only because I can't kill anything without AoEing all over the place.

This would be great if every class had a reliable CC but they don't so it still fails at design. I think everyone can see the intent of the quest and it could have been very cool and stealthy. However it is clear that the designers didn't watch the extra credits video on stealth games which makes the failures we all see all the more frustrating. one of the most important comments is that in stealth games a fail should only be seconds away from the action and here the graveyard is miles away from the objectives. This is stealth fail 101 here.
Call me crazy, but I rather enjoyed it :) Of course I did lots of gliding and used water walking potions to bypass the horde of guards. But was still fun. My wife is going to cry when she gets to this quest line. haha!
This quest? Yeah, **** this quest!
I can't believe I spent 1,200 ancient mana for this quest.
this quest is BULL**** ...ffs blizz what the hell are u think...
god damn it!
back again to say !@#$ this quest.
Dear Blizzard,

You are scumbags for making this quest. Thank you.
Yeah, this quest line kills any desire I have to level alts. I hope they fired the moron you was in charge of this failfest.
There have been some bad quests over the last 10 years, but this takes the cake.

As people mentioned, giving some communication or item that would change the mechanics to avoid guards would make it semi-tolerable.

The fact that it's intended as a group quest is ridiculous, given tiny population of people to group with who happen to be on it at any given time. I posted in LFG for over an hour and didn't get one bite.

I don't get that into story, but just the fact that the intent is to get 3-5 people to smash through 100+ guards to quietly plant rumors is ludicrous.
I'm going to go through a list of reasons why this quest will give you Zika, AIDS, herpes, cancer, and polio all in one go, and why the sick bastard who designed it should be strung up a flag pole by their toes while the flag pole is being lit on fire and cut down.

And I know which of my alts will have access to the Arcway or Court...none of them.

This quest is not fun. It's not "challenging" or "difficult" or "a puzzle to be solved," it is a sadistic mess created by a monomaniacal idiot who's eager to leap up and proclaim, "Ah, but this would be fun if you did it my way!" We don't want to do it your way: if we did, this would be a vehicle quest that screams "THIS IS A STEALTH QUEST, SO BE SNEAKY", but it isn't. We use the tools we have available to us in our backpack, and nearly all of them are devoted to hurting things. This quest has more dropped balls than a testicular cancer clinic, so let's go over a few of them.

First of all, the corpse run takes too long. "Oh, it's just 30 seconds!" Yeah, but you're going to die multiple times, and those 30 seconds add up. JFC, the fact that I even have to mention "multiple corpse runs" should be a huge indicator that this quest will not be fun. The penalty for failing is dying, and you WILL die: there is no "well, the guards nicked me, but I feigned or shadowmelded then waited for them to pass," you just die via overwhelming force. (I am currently trying to make a video showing that this quest CAN be done in one go, with La Caution's Thé à la Menthe playing in the background...and I cannot believe how badly I'm failing.)

True sight mobs everywhere. Fine, there are tools to deal with this, but the cooldowns on them are too long, there are no ways to break LOS, they have tons of HP, and they hit like trucks. Because the tools we have such long cooldowns and are relatively expensive and the mobs themselves are essentially unkillable, the solutions to the problem are, based on previous quests, shall we say...nonexistent. There is no "holy !@#$, I can't believe that worked!" solution here: you just run like hell and hope for the best.

While every class may have effective CC, not every spec has effective CC. Am I still a bit sore after my MM and BM specs lost their traps? (A little bit.)

There is no such thing as progress. The closest you can get is by constantly leap-frogging from corpse to corpse, and this is not fun.

And the worst part is, you have to finish the quest. It's not a case of "I don't need the gold" or "No amount of Artifact Power is worth this," but getting access to two Mythic dungeons.

It is a huge departure from every other quest in Surumar. Every other quest is kind of annoying, but still fun because if your disguise is uncovered, you waste some time killing the guards and you're gone. You lose some time, but it's not likely to throw you into the graveyard.
WTF... nothing new to add, everyone above pretty much nailed it. Seriously dissapointing. Couldnt they at least have thrown some 'baskets' in the area, so you can hide while you make your way through? It seems like this was supposed to be a 'grapple/stealth' quest, but they forgot to add grapple points, although they'd probably be bugged anyway. I think whoever designed this one, quit Blizz right after and told his/her manager that they'd tested and worked great! !@#$%^-.
For how frustrating the whole Suramar grind has been behind time gates and particularly quest chains like this, the attunement for the dungeons should be account wide. I shudder to think of doing this on any other characters at this point.

Or, alternatively, make an area to grind out rep by killing mobs. Suramar is cool and all, but this much of it has me sick of the zone. I'd rather be able to grind out whatever I needed without limit than go through anything like this.
Even as a stealthy character myself, I'm having issues with this quest, and I used Stealth and avoidance tactics a lot to avoid enemies early on in my career.

The fact that this area is oversaturated with True Sight enemies is just overkill, as many have said. It would be understandable IF there were notable patrols and obvious ways to get through, but the sheer multitude is overwhelming and impossible to get through considering that many of the patrols are 2-3 Elites, and they are tightly packed together.

We should not be forced to use Jacin's items (they have cooldowns anyway), nor should we be forced to.. well.. force our way through with a group, given the fantasy behind the questline. Remove a good deal of these elite True Sight mobs, adjust patrols so they have notable paths they take and allow us to properly avoid them, and let us do this freakin' quest properly without having to resort to corpse runs.

Mythic dungeon attunement or not, Pathfinder requirement or not.. this should NOT be how quest areas are designed, supposed-to-be-group-done or not.

P.S.: And as a side-note... give us an easier way to make back that 2,000 mana we had to waste on Arluin for this failure of a questline.
09/15/2016 07:04 PMPosted by Radget
Going to toss in my feedback with this quest too.

Both 'Rumor has it' and 'Thinly Veiled Threats' and its predecessor' happen in the elite, heavily guarded part of Suramar. In the same area that we come crashing through on Su'esh. Only difference is there's a 20,000 pound dinosaur between me and the hundreds of guards.

I enjoy sneak quests and I love the fact that Suramar feels dangerous. One bad step, your disguise is ripped off and you're thrown into a deathtrap. But this quest sends us to an area that is intentionally meant to be avoided (by the looks of the guards, anyways). Every single patrol has a stealth-detection, most of which are DEMONS which means their 'dispell illusion' is instant cast, not a timed cast. On top of that, half the guards in the area have over 7 million HP and hit for trucks. If you aggro one, you're fine if you can corner them alone. Pull two? Well, rip.

The quest line offers no method to distract guards, or enhance our disguise. Not even the 'Litter' that's carried by servants is interactable. That seems like it would've been one way to move around the area without being noticed but that's not even doable.

How are people doing the quests then? Corpse Running. I've seen people suicide running through the area to get as close as possible, dying and rezzing. Considering the quests is about spreading rumors, this hardly seems like it fits the 'fantasy' of the quest. Big Huge tauren sprinting across the walkway, dies, jumps up, turns into an Elf, whispers into a Nobles ear "It was THEM!" then runs away before turning into a Tauren and dying. Yeah, kind of ruins it when your strategy is "Well lets see how close I can get without dying" That has never been a proper or acceptable 'quest strategy' ever.

Yes there are items to help with this (sold by that kid in Waning Crescent for Mana) but their cooldown is slightly annoying and with the groups so close together, you distract one group, run past and die to the patrol on the bridge.

I must say out of all the Suramar quests, this one is by far the most enjoyable. It took me out of the story. I didn't feel like I was spying and causing an uprising to overthrow Elisande. I actually felt like Leeroy Jenkins and had to sprint as far as possible and join the multitude of corpses littering the inside of the quest area in order to complete and that doesn't seem like it should be the goal.

Some sort of fix for this should hopefully come because I know I won't be attempting this on any alts, especially squishy or non-stealth ones.

Agreed. This quest chain is currently the worst element of the new expansion. It is a complete and utter design failure. Not simply for the impossible, frustrating and pain inducing quest/area mechanics, that can only be defeated by exploit or corpse running. But also because it breaks the immersion of what is otherwise one of the most unique, best designed and most immersive areas ever put in the game. Suramar City is astonishing on every level. It feels dangerous. It feels like a real fantasy city. That you have to sneak around. Interact with people. That you need to apporach violence cautiously. If you need to kill someone you must do it selectively. Drag them back out of sight and do it fast. Everything about the area sucks you in. It is an absolute joy to adventure in with deep stories. As I said it is completely immersive... until you hit the Dungeon Attunement Quests...

Yeah, the only way to succesfully complete the quests as designed is to bring an army of friends and slaughter everything that moves. No sneaking. No evasion. No cleverly coming in across the rooftops. Get 5-10 or 40 of your closest friends and butcher a city. Whoever developed thsi quest chain took the most unique and compelling area they ever designed for this game, and turned it into a blind impossible to do solo hack slash fest. It is such a jaring case of misdesign that somebody really really should be fired for it. Did they let an intern make these quests? Did nobody play test them? How did this mess get in game the way that it is? How is it that whoever thought that this was a good idea was allowed to actually subject players to it?
I want to unsubscribe right now JUST so I can write "Rumor Has It" in the "why are you unsubscribing" question box.

Seriously, I hope whoever designed this quest gets strapped to a treadmill at the end of the conveyor belt at the factory where Legos are made. can buy these things to distract the guards.....for like 50 mana each! You only need around 4000 of each item!

Or hit the city as a 40 man raid.

seriously WTF can we delete the job the moron who came up with this crap?

Probably done by that drugged out looking weirdo that s leaving bliz.

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