[H] <Murloc Madness> 11/11H - Heroic Weekend

Area 52
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About Us
<Murloc Madness> is a casual heroic-only weekend raiding guild on Area 52 founded by a small, tight-knit group of friends. When we're not raiding we are in Discord playing various games together or just chatting! We are happy to add new members, but are very selective in terms of culture fit.

Raid Schedule
Friday 10pm-1am EST
Saturday 9pm-1am EST

ABT: 11/11 Heroic (AOTC: Argus)
ToS: 9/9 Heroic (AOTC: Kil'jaeden)
NH: 10/10 Heroic (AOTC: Gul'dan)
ToV: 3/3 Heroic (AOTC: Helya)
EN: 7/7 Heroic (AOTC: Xavius)

Recruitment Needs

Ranged DPS:
Very High - Shaman (Ele)
Very High - Mage
Low - Warlock

Melee DPS:
Medium - Shaman (Enh)
Low - Paladin (Ret)

NOTE: Exceptional applicants of any class will be considered.

All raiders are expected to follow The BP's © 2014
    Be Prepared - Research encounters, bring your own consumables, be online on time
    Be Productive - Be effective in your role, execute the team strategy
    Be Positive - Don't be a jerk, be a team player, promote a positive, drama-free environment

Apply Today!
Join the Madness by applying at MurlocMadness.enjin.com
No website registration required!

Contact Info
[Officer] Aszuna - Aszuna#8963 (Discord) / Ophelea#1117 (Bnet)
[Officer] Niczealind - Niczealind#1687 (Bnet)
[Officer] Toroo - bukojuice#1180 (Bnet)
The first week of Legion raiding has begun! If you are searching for a heroic weekend raid team, <Murloc Madness> is the guild to join! We are currently seeking 1-2 more ranged DPS to round out our roster.

Visit our website, MurlocMadness.enjin.com to apply or feel free to contact an officer if you have any questions.

Spread the Madness!
We are still looking for a couple ranged DPS to add to our roster. Specifically
Mage >> Shaman > Hunter. Our first raid night is tomorrow!
<Murloc Madness> is now 6/7 Normal and still looking for a couple ranged DPS to bolster our roster!
The second week of Legion raiding is upon us! Searching for the right mage and hunter to join our ranks. Don't miss your chance to join the Madness!
We raid tonight at 10pm EST. Come and join in on the fun as we take down Xavius!
Now 1/7H & 7/7N with Ursoc to 5%! Still recruiting RDPS (Mage/Hunter pref), apply today to join us in Heroic progression.
Normal is now on farm! Normal runs are on Friday and Heroic progression continues on Saturday.

Recruiting Mage/Hunter, but exceptional applicants of any class will be considered! 845+ ilvl is preferred but not required, if we feel you are a good fit for our team we will help you gear up in any way we can. We run Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons every week on Thursdays and Sundays. Join the Madness today by applying at our website: MurlocMadness.enjin.com
Hi, I realize you're not recruiting tanks but I'm going to check anyway. I have my info posted on this thread: http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749875224#1

If your tank situation is loose I'd appreciate consideration.
Hi Ilira,
Unfortunately our tank roster is set and we are full on Demon Hunters at this time. Thank you for your interest in Murloc Madness, I wish you the best of luck in your search!
Now 2/7H and aiming for 3/7H this week.
We raid tonight and we have expanded our recruitment needs! We are now looking for the following RDPS classes:

Very High - Mage
High - Hunter
High - Shaman (Elemental)
Low - Druid (Balance)
Very Low - Warlock
Starting our Saturday Heroic progression on Il'gynoth tonight. Still searching for some lovely RDPS to join our crew!
We're now 5/7H after taking down three new bosses in one night!
This upcoming raid week we will be reducing the amount of time we spend farming Normal. But do not fear! If you are interested in joining our guild and are a good fit, we will do what we can to help you gear up so you don't miss out on any Heroic progression!
We're still searching for some additional Ranged DPS to join us in our fight against Heroic Cenarius this weekend!
We raid tomorrow night and still have spots available for RDPS (Mage/Hunter/Shaman/Boomkin). Apply through our website or add me (Ophelea#1117) for any inquiries.
Got some solid progression in on Heroic Cenarius. Looking forward to continuing on him next week! Our recruitment needs have been slightly updated:

Very High - Mage
High - Hunter
High - Shaman (Ele)
Medium - Druid (Balance w/ Tank OS)
Still looking for RDPS! Especially Mail wearing RDPS such as Hunter/Ele Shaman. We only have one Mail wearer in our raid, most of our mail is being disenchanted!
As part of our weekly Mythic/Mythic+ runs our guild is doing Karazhan and Karazhan attunements tonight!

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