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I have been doing a decent amount of thinking about ele and the struggles it feels like it happens. I dont exactly thing ele has over all dps issues once things have started rolling. However, the current ramp up time is just bad and I have a feeling its one of the main issues plaguing the spec.

Current perceived issues:
1. We have the current sim craft which you have to take with a grain of salt.

2. The seemingly current issues soloing things. At 2 mobs I start thinking I might have issues and at 3 I know I likely will be. The other classes I have been playing do not seem to have this problem.

3. The potential low dps issue in 5 mans.

4. The issue in pvp. Some people could care less about this but at the moment certain classes just stomp ele.

Case in point. At 110/809 ilvl I ran into a Demonhunter. Essentially I was at 30% health in roughly 3-4 seconds. I ended up winning because a rogue smashed him after that. That should not be happening when someone is 2 levels down and likely quite a bit of ilvl down. Its a good illustration regarding ramp up time. Most melee just get on target and get to start nuking. Ele on the other hand has a number of steps they have to do to really start doing damage.

I wont go into the damage of each spell. While it does feel low, looking at you lighting bolt, thats really a job for number crunchers.


1. Place Stormkeeper, Earthquake Totem, and Earthshock on their own Fire Blast. This would just make the three spells more efficient. In both cases being able to weave the spells into you cast time spells just make a lot more sense than the current build. SK alone with its GCD is simply makes no sense when compared to other classes.

2. New passive.

Volcanic Erruption:
When Flame Shock is applied to a target that does not already have Flame Shock on it Lava Surge activates.

This simply cuts down on the set up time for everything and is a major quality of life improvement. It is a minor dps increase because you cut the cast time out of that first flame shock when on single target and like melee allows you to start dpsing right away. On multi target it also is slightly better dps increase as it ties into Path of Flame and it would case another Lava Surge when your dot spreads. While this is a buff it is stops once the fight is going and you already have your flame shocks out.

It also helps with dispels for pvp. While an improvement its not giant, such as a large haste buff from expansions past, and its not requiring spell numbers to be changed.

I really think this is extremely important as the spec is just extremely slow at the start of each encounter.

3. Stormkeeper: Add when activated "Your first Lighting Bolt or Chain Lighting is instant cast. Like step two this lowers on the set up time. If tied into having SK on its own GCD you could start to cast LB, cast this midway, and then instant cast another LB. This once again makes the ability more efficient without having to change spell numbers and doesn't change long term encounters.

4. New Passive:

Gathering Storm:
Heals 10% of the damage from critical hits, if full health heals nearest damage friendly.

This is somewhat a take on the druid passive heal that also heals friends if at full health. However if it works off of damage and only critical damage. It will make the spec slightly less squishy in pvp but more important is a bug quality of life buff for pve soloing. I truly believe this would bring ele more in line to the other specs/classes that I have played thus far. Leveling was fun but I have really noticed that staying healthy has been far harder. Plus you have the added bonus of assisting your group with minor heals.


This seems to be a much bigger issue and really has continued from Warlords. Some have named us the worst pvp caster currently and a strong argument could be made for Warlords as well. I am not completely sure what would solve this problem and make the spec more competitive but something should be done.

Earthfury: (rename to fissure)
Casting a 100 Maelstrom Earth Shock will Stun the target for 2 sec and push the target back away from you.

If I had to be honest I feel that earthshock in itself should do the push, and this talent should push the target but also stun everything in a line between you and them, like fissure. However the original suggestion would be much easier to implement.

Traveling Storm:
You make cast Lighting spells while moving and Thunderstorm's cool down is reduced by 15 seconds.
I really believe TS should be around 25 seconds considering it started at 22ish in Wrath and all of the other gap closers, stuns, roots, etc. 30 sec however is still far more reasonable.

Astral Shift:
Shift partially into the elemental planes, taking 40% less damage and healing for 50% more, for 8 seconds. Usable while stunned.

Honorable mention:
Just throwing this out there but really my best experience in Warlords hands down was Ghostwolf in Ashran with the glyph to ignore snares. It made the spec actually playable in pvp and had a ton of different applications. Allowing the spec to run or re-position is frankly just an amazing thing. While I understand we may feel this is a bit to much I still really enjoyed it to no end.

With that in mind Ghostwolf really needs to ignore snares and have water walking. If out of combat it would be great to see its speed knocked up to mount speed and 6 secs out gives invis. It just made for a more dynamic game play.

Stormkeeper in itself is kind of lack luster. I actually feel it would be better if it was a shorter cool down or no cooldown and caused lighting spells to effect fire spells and fire spells to effect lighting spell, somewhat like Balance druids. Being iconic to specs the weapon spell, imo, feel like you use them often.

Lastly, as many people have posted Lava Burst seems to be doing less damage than it should in pvp. If that hasnt been addressed or posted about we might want to see something.
I actually agree a lot with pushing stormkeeper and earth shock off the gcd. This is probably the best move in the short term to smooth out a lot of the clunkiness of ele.

I can't speak for PvP but for PvE its a shame how it plays at the moment. We spend a gcd fist pumping the air to pump up a wet noodle spell to be less wet noodle. Then in ascendance we cap out maelstrom and then have to spend it on earth shock but by doing so we have wasted a gcd's worth of time of ascendance's benefits. Having earth shock off the gcd would solve this.

This would help our ramp up time and our dps cooldowns not fight our rotation so much but theres still bigger issues at play as well. The legendaries on a whole for ele are terrible save for the chain lightning wrists. There is one where you would never be playing to it's rng which is your earth shock has up to a 50% chance to make eq totem free and do 100% more damage. So do you reliably spend your maelstrom to continue doing reliable aoe with eq totem drops or gamble a single target spell drop and hope you get the proc otherwise you just wasted a lot of potential dps. Why is it not just 100% if at full maelstrom so we have something interesting happening?

It really feels like ele was developed early on in a vacuum not aware of what other designers were doing with other classes. Some designer comes out of the room after a while holding a stack of papers with all his changes to ele and is like "hey guys I got this whole thing ready now I think what did you come up with?"

"I gave WW monks this hulk smash thing that does 2500% weapon damage x2 on a 45 second CD and it's aoe, its super rad"

"wha- I- I mean I gave my guy this thing that buffs lightning bolt.. don't you think thats a bit much for damage? Maybe I nee-"

"Oh yeah Tom came up with this cool thing for druids where they slam !@#$ with moons for over a million sometimes"

"A mill-? What is everyone doing this kind of thing?"

"Yeah man you should check out some of the warrior things happening too, WOO they are excellent"

"I think I need to redo some things.."

"Sorry you need to get those on the desk now, launch was announced"
Earth Shock of the GCD?

Lol, just lol
Another point I would consider is adding a damage modifier to flame shock for the amount of maelstrom you use on it. Duration is nice, and technically an increase in overall damage for the gcd you used putting it on, but flame shock is iconic and thematic, I would love to see it in my top 3 damage dealers.
In the other Shaman threads, the L2P folks keep suggesting how to handle multiple mob pulls and how awesome it is to use a slow without a cd, but when I use every once of maelstrom on frost shock... I never get to use ES and I don't have another big one off spell like it. How would you suggest fixing that?
Just make lightning bolt instant cast... It does about as much damage as a moonfire anyway.
Lightning bolt needs either a SERIOUS damage increase. Or an extremely short cast time. 1.8 seconds for a pool noodle attack? WTF it's lightning, you should die! Not swat a fly and laugh!
You do get the idea that ele was "finished" before demon hunters were close to being done.

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