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So I want to make an addon but I'm not quite sure where to start. Its not a complicated addon by any respects, it just changes the color of the loading bar in the loading screen.

Is that something that is possible to be covered by an addon or am I grasping for something out of my reach?
Addons can't mess with the loading screen, or anything prior to a character loading.

Changing the color of the loading bar may still be possible, but not with a traditional addon. I don't know if it's still in use but Interface\Glues\LoadingBar\Loading-BarFill.blp may be that blue bar. If you convert it from BLP to PNG, edit the image, then convert it back to BLP and copy it to Interface\Glues\LoadingBar, it may use the image.

But it may not. Blizzard probably doesn't want anything messing with the GlueXML stuff at all since that's where passwords are entered.
I use a graphics replacer called Miirgui, it has images for the loading screen along with pretty much the whole UI. The loading screen buttons and stuff are changed but the Loading bar doesn't seem to work. The graphics are there and in the right place I assume, interface\glues\LoadingBar.

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