Had a nice karma type moment

Doing PvP World Quests and one of them was the Bearbrawl one thingy over at Stormheim where you mount animals and kill other players while riding them.

Anywho, place is swarmed with melee and I get my face mauled in by a gank group mere seconds of entering.

I release and rez at the GY and look who spawns right next to me, Stormtalon!

(For those who may not know, Stormtalon is a rare Storm Drake you can mount for about 5 minutes, and fly around the pvp area and attack from above, who also provides a strong AoE bolt.)

No one around to notice him so I dps him down and mount it swapping to affliction.

Felt good to fly around dotting everyone for some neat revenge!
Today .. the wow gods smiles apon you.
Basically what playing melee feels like.
I'm surprised I wasn't one of your targets. I butted several people over the cliff to their deaths. Those goats are flippin AWESOME!

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