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09/04/2016 02:57 AMPosted by Myrealgf
Echo the comments here in the thread...glad I'm not the only one, but extremely frustrated. Game was running great up until maybe 2 days before Legion hit. Prior to I was doing invasions all hours of the day with no restarts.

Will look at some of the potential solutions folks found and report back. At the moment, I just hearthed to Dal and the moment the screen changes from loading to Dal...boom, restart.

The other odd thing, is that I went into my windows settings and unchecked the automatic restart in hopes that this was a BSOD issue...and sure enough...my PC still restarts. It doesn't even record a dump file, so it would appear that my system "thinks" everything is working as intended even though it just crashed.

MyrealGF, your situation seems identical to mine. No real BSOD even with that option checked, just a hard reboot. What are all of your system stats? Maybe there's some connection with hardware.
09/01/2016 08:16 PMPosted by Câde
Ever since pre-launch for Legion, I started experiencing these random reboots. During pre-launch, it happened only during invasion events. At first, it was frustrating, but whatever I kept on going about my day playing WoW. Fast forward to right now. The restart crashing is more and more frequent, and I'm at wit's end.

I've personally deleted all of the older files Blizzard suggests such as the WTF folder, and addons. On top of that, I personally have repaired the game, and kept my drivers up to date, as well as my OS which is Win10. I keep mentioning this issue with folks, and they're always like "It's just your computer" but here is the catch, these random, but annoying restart crashes are only happening when I play WoW.

Temperature is definitely not an issue for my system, and I keep everything in line. Now I have yet to start nitpicking with settings adding, or dropping to see if performance increases in a sense that makes me never randomly crash. As you have stated, I am also somewhat elated, because for a while I thought my hard drive was failing, but after much troubleshooting, and realizing it only happens in WoW, there is definitely something going awry with our systems playing WoW causing us to randomly crash.
I myself am experiencing the same issues guess i'll get back to the drawing board and see if I can fix the issue and if I am successful i'll give the solution
@Itsonmyface, specs are:
16gb RAM
GTX 980Ti
EVGA SuperNova NEX650G 80 Plus Gold

I followed Câde's posted solution last night, tweaked a few things here and there in my settings...mainly particle density/view distance...and had a nice night of 8+ hours of game play without a restart. I want to test this solution a bit more, at least 3-4 days of play without a restart to be sure this actually worked.

I'll post my in-game settings later on, but in general, what seemed to work was going one setting below the "recommended" setting in game, i.e. if recommended shadow quality is ultra, i set it to high, etc.
I was able to play for a couple of days but am now having this issue as well. It happened once on Friday then it will not stop today. It happens when I load in at any point. Like the others, I play other games on max setting with no issue (Doom, DS3, D3, etc).

8.00GB RAM
GeFore GTX 970
EVGA SuperNOVA 750G1 Gold Power Supply

On client load-in my computer will restart either at the end of the loading screen into a zone like Dal or Org or the restart will occur as I'm loading into the character select screen.

I have rolled back to nVidia driver 368.81 and still have this issue.

The HWMonitor tool shows no spike in temperature on my GPU or processor.

Trying to do Cade's solution if I can ever get in again.
An update...I am able to play normally later in the evening e.g. ~7pm - 2am. The problem only seems to happen around peak time.

Any one else have a similar result?
I AM having the same issue here. Can play.every game, but legion works for 30-50 min in very low graphics and suddenly it freezes forever or reboot my PC
You can add me to the bandwagon.

09/06/2016 06:42 PMPosted by Aetrix
Just started playing WoW again to check out the new expansion. Randomly, my PC will blink off (black screen) and then reboot itself. There is nothing obvious in Windows Event Viewer besides a notice that the PC was not shut down correctly. Sometimes I can play for an hour or two, sometimes it will crash repeatedly within a minute or two of logging in. One one occasion, I jumped off a cliff and hit my priest's levitate ability, crashed while in mid air, and crashed again repeatedly immediately upon loading in, still in mid air, until i turned the graphics slider all the way down to 1 before from the character select screen. I've noticed a few things about this behavior:

  • It only seems to happen when I'm moving. Bounding through the hills on my mount, getting fired out the cannon at Darkmoon Faire, etc. I can stand still afk for as long as it will leave me logged in and I've never come back to a crash.
  • It only seems to happen in new-ish zones. My girlfriend started a night elf yesterday, and played for hours on Teldrassil with no problems. Found her way to darkmoon island, and began crashing within 10 minutes.
  • WoW is the only game causing this behavior. DOOM, The Witcher 3, Stellaris, Overwatch, Mad Max, Diablo 3, No Man's Sky, Dark Souls III all 100% stable.
  • I stress tested my PC by running Furmark and Prime 95 simultaneously, placing a 100% load on both CPU and GPU. The test ran for 2-1/2 hours with no errors before I shut it down. GPU temps peaked at 65C, CPU at 82C.

The following steps seem to decrease, but not eliminate, the frequency of crashes:
  • Underclocking GPU
  • Reducing graphics settings in-game
  • Running the game in 32-bit mode.

My PC specs are as follows:
Windows 10 Anniversary Update (64 bit)
ASUS Sabertooth Z77 Mobo
Corsair 750W power supply
Intel Core i7 3770K
G.Skill DDR3 1600 MHz RAM, 16GB (4 x 4GB)
GIGABYTE GeForce GTX 1080 G1 Gaming GV-N1080G1 GAMING-8GD Video Card
Crucial 256GB SATA III SSD
WD Black 1TB hard drive (I've tried installing the game on both)

I've installed the latest drivers from nVidia as of yesterday. I also checked for beta drivers but none were available at that time. I've tried loading the recommended settings from nVidia Geforce Experience app, but have messed with them quite a bit afterwards since it didn't seem to make a difference.
Same problem here. 4 BSoDs in 7 days. Unpredictable, annoying, and confusing. Cant find the problem.
CPU stress test passed all categories, nothing is over-heating, only started happening after windows 10 update and NVidia driver update with the release of Legion.

This is becoming pandemic.
I've noticed since underclocking my video card by 25MHZ or so in EVGA's Precision software (GPU Clock offset and Mem Clock Offset) I haven't had a crash. Not sure if this will be a permananet fix.

I also don't know if this points me to the card or my PSU as the issue, though the card works fine in another PC and my PSU works fine in every other task.
Same here. Random reboots.. it was happening when I played Heroes of the Storm too. I thought it was only that game. Yesterday I got my first reboot on WoW... I was totally fine ever since Legion came out.
My new PSU should be here today, so depending on what time it gets here I'll be able to test it either tonight or tomorrow morning to see if that's the issue. If not, then I dunno what to do, haven't been able to play in a week now because of this. My last resort will end up putting a new rig on my credit card, which I don't feel comfortable doing, but I gotta feed my WoW addiction somehow lol. So if the new PSU doesn't work I guess I'll submit a ticket and see if I can get at least a week credited, this is ridiculous.
I'm having similar issues. It started two days ago, after Tuesday maintenance. Sometimes, I can play for hours with my graphics set to the lowest settings but other times, my PC will shut down or reboot every few minutes. Sometimes the monitor simply shuts off as if it is getting no signal from the video card. Other times, the entire PC will shut off. I don't overclock. Nothing is overheating. My PC heat sinks and video card are clean and free of dust. I've ran stress tests of the CPU and GPU without any issues. I can play all other games with no issues. This only happens in WoW and only started recently.

I'm not getting any BSODs. It's as if someone just throws a switch and my PC goes off.

Radeon HD6950 2gb
Athlon II x4 640 @3.0ghz
Biostar TA785 A2+ mb
8gb ram
Pixxo 600w PSU
Windows 10 Pro Edition

After all this frustration, I've ordered a brand new PC and video card, hoping it will solve my problem. It will be a few days before the components arrive. Wish me luck.
New PSU arrived and I got it installed. Now WoW is back to playing just fine like before. Guess with all of the graphic overhauls that it draws more power than it used to, but finally back to playing. Hope everyone else figures out their issues.
09/08/2016 11:51 AMPosted by Soulcleaver
New PSU arrived and I got it installed. Now WoW is back to playing just fine like before. Guess with all of the graphic overhauls that it draws more power than it used to, but finally back to playing. Hope everyone else figures out their issues.

Hey Soulcleaver, what PSU did you end up going with? I may try that route as well.
I went with this one from Corsair: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139028 can't beat it when it has a $20 rebate essentially making it $36.99.
I believe that I have been having the same problem. It started up for me on Tuesday and has been horribly consistent. Randomly while playing I get a BSOD with the error message "THREAD_STUCK_IN_DEVICE_DRIVER"

I have uninstalled and reinstalled my AMD drivers twice, run fixes through Advanced System Care Ultimate, uninstalled and reinstalled WoW, but nothing has fixed it.

Today I played Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends for 2-3 hours with no issues, but after playing WoW for a little over an hour my laptop crashed and rebooted again. I'm beginning to wonder if it is my PC, or WoW itself.
Coming back to this thread in hopes that I can provide some news while this problem still exists. This is a bit "rambly" as I'm trying to list out exactly what was happening when my restarts occurred, but I'm hoping it can narrow down the potential root of it all.

I had thought I solved the issue by lowering my graphics a ton, as stated in posts prior, this did work for the last few weeks, until I first ran Arcway. The Eredar mobs that turn to dogs with a breath managed to get my PC to restart. Totally unexpected, but kind of made sense as others were saying particle density/lots of stuff on screen was occurring right before crashes. I figured that's what the problem was and made nothing of it, until tonight.

I had another restart when I attempted to open a Twitch stream while WoW was open. I decided to see if my resolution was an issue, I usually play windowed fullscreen which is 1920x1080 for me. Lowering resolution did not help a bit. I had 3 more restarts at low res specifically at points when I was zoning in. For example, Skyhold to Highmountain...the moment I zoned to HM, restart. I also had Chrome open playing some tunes on Soundcloud. After that, I only had WoW open, zoned to Skyhold, again restart. I finally figured the resolution might have been the issue, so I went back to usual res (stated above) and was fine. However, I had no other applications/web browser open. Just WoW. I didn't "fast travel" anywhere as I wanted to get WQ's done, but I did managed to port to Org and run Coren without a restart.

So...where do we go from here? Personally, I've got no clue. It seems every other day Nvidia has a new driver update that's optimized for the next major game release. I'm keeping up to date, but I'm not sure if that's causing the issue.

Anyone else seeing this? Or just me?

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