A warlock walks into a bar

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and does 40k dps
And then picks up the sulfuron hammer plans?
the bartender then politely asks him to leave the bar and come back on another class, his kind is not welcome in his establishment.
A warlock walks into a bar, and then is immediately told to leave, and the only explanation given by the bar owner is "Well some guys told me warlocks do bad DPS."

A demon hunter and a rogue walk into a bar.

The bar explodes before the door closes.
A mage walks into a bar.

Just kidding. The mage reverses time and is gone, leaving the bartender confused and upset.
A hunter walks into a bar but accidentally barrages it and is kicked out.
A warrior walks into a bar.

He complains it doesn't match his "bar fantasy" and would rather go drinking in the alley behind the bar instead.
A death knight walks to the bar.

But missed last call because they were to slow, thus joining the warrior in the alley.
A tank walks into a bar and dies. The holy preist couldnt heal through it
A warlock and priest walk into a bar.

The Warlock was kicked out because only caster dps was allowed.
All I know is there I was standing in the dumb pet store in Dalaran when, out of nowhere, this deer starts hurling samples of it blood at me and trying to kill me. Of course, I humanely put the creature down instantly and then the horrified shopkeepers rushed over. I assumed they were coming to apologize to me and beg me not to sue for their crazy deer that attacks customers, but to my dismay they began accusing me, me, of starting the altercation just because I was a warlock. !@#$ing classism, man.
A Paladin walks in after, only to be told "leave the ashbringer, but gtfo"
A shadow priest walks into a bar. Or does she? I mean, did you see her? No one else saw her. Are you hallucinating? Is this reality?
A warlock walks...

Jk, no mobility.
I may not do much DPS, but at least I get to be on fire on the forums.
A warlock walks into a bar, then dies. The End.
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A demon hunter and a rogue walk into a bar.

The bar explodes before the door closes.
It's true.
09/07/2016 01:29 PMPosted by Raalos
A warlock walks...

Jk, no mobility.

HAHAHA... made my day. Was thinking this after getting globaled all day by monks and rogues.
Ahh warlock tears.

They do get better with age.

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