837 Blood Dk looking for Guild

Hi, i am looking for a guild which specializes in current raid content, i am experienced in PvP with 2350 being my highest rating in 3s and i am new to the raiding seen. However i know my class inside out and been playing dk since wrath, if you are interested mail me or pm me when i am on i hope to be a valuable asset in your future raid team!
Hey man! What is your current ilvl? Have you completed all the mythics dungeons?

Add me on ID: Deathdealer #1621
<Seven Sages> of Sargeras (Alliance) A guild that has been raiding since The Burning Crusade. We are recruiting EXCEPTIONAL 830+ players.

We raid ONLY 2 nights a week, Tues & Thurs 8-11:30 Server (Central) 7 hours a week. Our environment is geared towards the idea of raiding smarter not harder. We pride ourselves on matching progression of guilds that raid 12+ hours a week 3-4 nights a week.

Must have a guild first mentality, be able to follow direction, and not stand in fire. Must have a positive attitude, Discord and a mic. 

Add if interested! Atheistastic#1116 or Noble#1510

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