"Error retrieving character list"

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I keep getting disconnected on Proudmoore. When I try to log back in, I get to the character selection screen, but it's most black with a greyed-out "Enter World" button. Then I get the error "Error retrieving character list".

Is this a known issue?
same here
I'm having this issue also
Same on Durotan
Same thing here.

I was doing a world quest to close some portals and kill two named demons. Used the ability and got DC'ed right away. When trying to log back in, this happened.

I deleted my cache and wtf folders, but I still can't log in. Everytime I log in, I get disconnected right away (even on different characters) and then when I come back, this keeps happening.
Yup, glad i am not alone.
same here.
stuck on loading screen then it says cant find my toon..:( i wanted to play!
same here on Alextrasza
Still happening. This time I was able to get to the character selection screen, but my rogue was not in the list. Like, literally gone. Tried logging in again and my character was back in the list.
Also the clearing cache if it works only works for a few minutes at best. I'm now back to having a blank character select screen on my main server, Proudmoore.
Having same issue, 6/9/18
Same on Shadow Council
Hey, all!

This thread is from 2016. If you are having issues retrieving your character list, follow the steps listed Here. If you are still having issues, create a new thread.

I will be locking this.

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