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We will be holding a Live Developer Q&A this Friday at 11:00 am PDT. You can tune in live at Twitch.tv/Warcraft.

Submit your questions via Twitter using the hashtag #LegionQA, or simply by replying to this forum thread. For this session, we'll be talking with Assistant Game Director Ion Hazzikostas!

As a reminder, we would like to keep the questions short so we can make sure we get to as many questions as possible, so please keep your questions to 40 words or less.
The return to Karazhan, does this mean Medivh will return? Are they trying to summon some unstoppable force of darkness?
Any plans on adding epic crafted gear with the tradional timegate mats?
'Huge issues with low pop realms & limited roster m-raid teams. Waiting months for cross realm is a death sentence. Transferring sweeps problem under the rug. No advantage to small servers & every incentive to play high-pop. Help please?'

I ran into Ion at Blizzcon2015 and asked him a similar question while waiting for our burgers. I get the prestige of realm firsts and that combining more realms together lies outside of his decision making. However, the fact is that there are real struggles even outside raiding to playing on small servers with a limited pool of players with no fresh blood flowing in. Little communication on this topic pretty much boils it down to “Transfer or die”. Not a good perception and greedy looking the longer it festers.

Small realms are dying, if not already the walking dead. Legion release gave a bit of a boost but who knows if it'll last. This question was worded in anticipation for a raid Q&A but the problems do pertain to gameplay outside of it as well. Faction imbalances could be related as well but that's for another question.
Will we be seeking the aid of Medivh by defeating him to rid him of his control by Sargaeras and get valuable information from him or are we going there for something else because we already have the book?
Why are warlocks so broken? I mean they can't even access a lot of the content because their dps and class is so bad.

Ex: Can't do mythic dungeons because they get auto kicked for bad dps.

Can do pvp, but is almost worthless due to assumptions in pre-patch that they were op.

Can't really do raiding either due to bad dps.
Will we see balance changes made before the raids open or are you happy with the current state of balance in the game?
1.) Why was it felt that PvP needed to be shoved into every facet of Legion when it was always optional before? PvP was never required before the MoP cloak.

2.) Any plans on telling us WHEN flight will be coming back or are we going to be strung along until the last patch again?

3.) Why was CRZ enabled in the Underbelly?

4.) Why was CRZ enabled in Broken Isles before the 8.0 prepatch?

5.) The WotLK Dalaran's Underbelly was not a FFA zone. Why was it felt that the Legion one should be? Why would Jaina or even Rhonin allow that? It puts both of them in a negative light.

6.) Why is Blizzard promoting negative stereotypes? I.E. The "thigh gap" with female blood elves and "the poor must be criminals out to stab you in the back".

7.) Are the new models going to be tweaked any? When the female blood elf runs with a staff, it weaves into her legs. Other models also have issues still.

8.) Are Worgen and Goblins going to see a model update?

9.) Why was Genn's worgen model different in the Broken Shore gameplay than what it was during the ending cinematic for the Broken Shore?

10.) Why was it decided that Varian would say "For the Alliance" at the end of the Broken Shore instead of "For Azeroth"?

11.) From the Son of the Wolf comic, Anduin gets Shalamayne yet it was just dropped on the Broken Shore in game. Will the players return Shalamayne to Anduin?

12.) Are we going to see a marriage quest for Anduin like we saw for Thrall in Cata? If so, please develop his wife better than Aggra who's done nothing noteworthy. And please, not Tess who is too old.

13.) Why was it decided to kill Varian instead of Genn? Tess could have become Queen of Gilneas (for what that's worth) and been a direct female rival to Sylvanas.

14.) Calia Menethil is supposed to be a fair bit older than Arthas. So why does her model depict her as being a young woman rather than one in her 50s?
What's the reasoning behind the warrior class campaign taking significantly longer than other classes?
How do you feel about the balance of melee vs caster classes in Pvp and Pve?
With the switch to longer expansion life cycles, will you still be deferring any major class revisions until the next expansion? Two plus years is a long time for the classes that people seem dissatisfied with, like Warlocks and Shadow Priests.
1. Why do Shadow Priests do the worst AoE damage in the game right now, even compared to Holy Priests? We're actually being kicked from Heroic and Mythic dungeons.

2. Why did you think, design wise, it was a good idea to make Shadow Priests dependent on a 10 minute CD suicide talent that's mandatory when our other 2 talents put us at the bottom of the DPS across the board? This is also taking into consideration that our AoE is non existent with my previous question.
Are any changes planned for the Underbelly? I went down there to do a jewelcrafting quest and had to try to kill an NPC while players were farming me, on a PVE server.

Certainly this was not intended? I never did see the aforementioned guards. I have not ever seen them available for me in the Underbelly.

Lastly, I play on a PVE server to avoid getting ganked when I'm wanting to work on crafts or explore. Why is this being forced on me for wanting to do jewelcrafting?
Oh great.. Ion whozziwhatsit still works there :)
Any chance of changing PvP gear back to the way it was, and putting in vendors?

I haven't enjoyed PVE since wotlk, but now I feel forced to do it because not only is the PVE gear infinitely better, but getting gear through RNG is horrible for a competitive aspect of the game.
Can you give us any insight on the current internal thoughts on Fury warriors?
Prospecting currently feels very unrewarding. Are there plans to improve this?

When Emerald Nightmare is released, will Titanforged roll a new maximum in dungeons?
1) What has been the biggest surprise for the Blizzard team on how the community has received the expansion.

2) I know you've already released information on 7.1 which is a good sign. My question is will you release new patches until the next expansion is ready, even if it means doing more patches than where initially planned. Or will you release what is planned and hope that the expansion is ready?
Why are blizz developers ignoring warlock issues ?
Are you intentionally making warlocks undertuned to remove the class from the game when the population gets low enough?
If not what are the plans with regarding demo locks and the garbage that is demonic empowerment?
What about the RNG heaviness that destro deals with?
What about the lackluster damage across the board for affliction?
Many warlocks are being kicked before instances in mythics and heroics solely because of the class and not the player due to lackluster damage from all specs why leave them in this state?

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