So um... lore?

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I have missed a bunch of expansions, parts of Cata, and all of Panda and Draenor.
And I come back to um... Gul'Dan? Wasn't he killed in the Tomb of Sargeras during WC3 time? So I'm mightily confused.

Is there some website that chronicles the lore for all the expansions? Or can someone at least briefly summarize what this is all about?
The Gul'dan we see now is actually an alternate universe Gul'dan, but to answer "what?" I would have to give your brief summary in reverse. So we will go back to before Mists of Pandaria.

e: I typed a bit more than I thought


- Garrosh was a big jerk from Cata to MoP (destroyed Theramore, dabbled in the powers of the Old Gods)
- Wrathion, the last of the Black Dragonflight, foresees the Burning Legion's next invasion and needs to end the Alliance-Horde war because he needs to protect Azeroth. But not very diplomatically.
- Horde rebellion partly instigated by Wrathion but also by Garrosh just being a big jerk
- Garrosh put on trial for war crimes after being defeated
- Wrathion's plans not going so well, teams up with an Infinite Dragon, Kairoz, to take Garrosh back in time to Draenor before the orc corruption
- Garrosh makes a new Horde to take into Azeroth and defeat the Alliance. Dragons want to play with time and make even more and more Hordes to protect Azeroth. At some point this gets kind of silly.
- Garrosh says no and kills Kairoz
- Garrosh tells Grommash to say no to Gul'dan, and they enslave him to power a portal to Azeroth. Garrosh just wants the Orcs to reign supreme, no interest in defending the planet or anything
- We beat a bunch of orcs up and Gul'dan ends up corrupting them anyway because they suck, which defeated the entire purpose of the expansion but it gave us a new Gul'dan to use because hey everyone liked him
- New Gul'dan opens up a Legion portal in Sargeras's tomb, now we are fighting demons again

Longer brief summary,

So in Cataclysm you may remember Thrall went off to do whatever shamans do, leaving Garrosh Hellscream in command of the Horde. During his reign he has been a total butt. He basically nuked Theramore between Cata and MoP (Which is partly why Jaina is also a total butt right now), attempted an assassination of Vol'jin, segregated the trolls, and messed with the power of the Sha and the Old Gods.

The Horde had a coup, which was represented in an exclusive Darkspear Rebellion event and the raid tier Siege of Orgrimmar, ousting Garrosh and imprisoning him. But Wrathion did not quite like the outcome. You see, Wrathion is the last of the Black Dragonflight (well we think Sabellian is still alive in Outland but we haven't heard from him since) (Wrathion as a babby was part of a few questlines in Cata I believe), and he believes that it is upon him to protect Azeroth. Not..necessarily everyone on Azeroth, though. During MoP he warned us of his vision, that the burning legion would return, and that an Azeroth divided was an Azeroth unprepared to defend itself. So he basically tried to get both sides to kill each other. Of course it'd be pretty unfair if he only helped one side, that just wouldn't do!

Now is the novel War Crimes, between MoP and Warlords of Draenor. Lots of talking here. Well, it's a novel so there you go. But basically Garrosh was like "what's the big deal azeroth? i killed a bunch of people. for the horde!" and Wrathion was like "what's the big deal alliance? why didn't you destroy the horde when you had the chance? for azeroth!". And with the aid of Kairozdorumushakalakadingdong, a member of the Infinite Dragonflight (who are charged with wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff), Garrosh and those two dragon guys went back in time to an alternate Draenor before the fel corruption. The plan was to use Garrosh to create a new Horde and invade Azeroth. But they wouldn't stop there, Kairoz wanted to also make an infinite number of new Hordes to fight against the burning legion.

Of course, Garrosh thought that was ridiculous, and he killed Kairoz out of pride, something about how people keep using orcs for their own devices? I am not so sure what the big deal was, but Garrosh is kind of a jerk.

I don't really know how Wrathion felt about that and the Iron Horde failing. We haven't heard much from him since all that.

Anyway that's how we get to the Alternate Universe. Warlords of Draenor happens and we kick a lot of orc butt but also DEMONS! Garrosh tells his father Grommash what Gul'dan is going to do to all the orcs, so he starts pulling the strings and building a new industrial Iron Horde, based on the Orc x Goblin structures and weapons. On the day that they are supposed to drink feljuice, they ambush Gul'dan and imprison him, and also kill Mannoroth. Kiljaeden comes down and runs the Legion operations later, and takes a much more direct approach to tainting the world. Later on in WoD the Iron Horde breaks apart, and Gul'dan finds them vulnerable to try and corrupt again. Although Grommash refuses and attacks, other orcs take it instead, and the Legion starts working full-time, with Gul'dan as a valuable tool.

Now we are between WoD and Legion. Gul'dan is sent to the place of his predecessors death, Sargeras's Tomb. There he opens a portal for the Legion to invade Azeroth once again, leading to where we are right now.
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At some point this gets kind of silly.
That is the understatement of the year xD

IIRC Thrall had to step down as Warchief because he needed to replace Neltharion as the Aspect of Earth because no work and Old God voices make Neltharion become Deathwing. Thrall put Garrosh in charge, then Blizzard handed Garrosh the Villain ball, then the Crazy ball, then pulled a Star Trek and went back in time to bring back a plot device so the Burning Legion could invade again. And there were pandaren in there telling us to chill out and have another beer.
Wow that's... pretty twisting, with the time travel and all. And Garrosh turns out to be even worse than Grom. A pretty terrible ending to the Hellscream legacy :(

Good write up, by the way! Thanks for that!
The Gul'dan we see now is actually an alternate universe Gul'dan, but to answer "what?" I would have to give your brief summary in reverse. So we will go back to before Mists of Pandaria.

e: I typed a bit more than I thought(...)

You are a hero. I played a bit of WoD but never really thought what was going on... meaning that for all effects I'm coming back from cataclysm and super lost, now I at least have some ground to stand on.
Only issue I have is that Wrathion was trying to stop the Burning Legion, but by sending Garrosh back in time he essentially created the means (Gul'dan escaping to the current timeline) for it to invade.

Self-fulfilling prophecy much?
Thanks so much for the recap! I took a 2 year hiatus and I was wondering what was going on, too!

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