Old School (BC) THorn

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
Any old school T-Horn peeps still around? (BC)

Ran a guild called <Gnome Punting Squad> for a while. Raided back in BC with <Hells Rejects>. Getting back into Legion - always missed my old Thunderhorn home.
I recall <Hells Rejects> Welcome back!
I remember seeing those names around... Ahh, TBC. Welcome back! :)
I remember GPS, every time i aw that guild name it made me laugh!
Wow, some familiar names in this thread - both guilds and players.
love seeing old players come back
Hey everyone! I haven't played WoW in a long time, but thought I'd get back into it for Legion. Few people that I used to play with from Wrath of the Dark Sun during BC came back too. I remember Gnome Punting Squad and Hells Rejects really well. When i was playing a lot i think Lobster Brood was one of the top guilds on the server. Cool to see you all and this thread!
Just logged in to say hi..

I also remember all those guilds: Gnome Puntin Squad, Hells Rejects... Lobster Brood of course! (Alamo, Helghast...). Imminent on the Alliance side, Gods of War, Legion of the Exiled, Prophecy of Ascension, Knights of Dalaran.

This was my first server, I created this character in 2004 (I was only 16 years old). Can't believe its been 12 years.

I miss my old guildmates from <Ninjas>.. Sow, Warin, Astril, Kaede, Zaprowsdower, Omegax, Quixotica, Chesty, Mudeera. Celo I miss you.

I'm glad some of you still play!
Here is a nice interview made back in 2005 about Thunderhorn, PvP and Lobster Brood:

I remember Samh. :)
Not on Thorn anymore - but played there from early vanilla-WOTLK
Any Ancient Legion/Mayhem/Fallout peeps still around?
11/04/2016 02:15 PMPosted by Celleye
Not on Thorn anymore - but played there from early vanilla-WOTLK
Any Ancient Legion/Mayhem/Fallout peeps still around?

Holy !@#$. Wasn't Presses the shadow priest in Fallout in TBC?
Created Jandari in Jan '05, created this shaman for the Lady Vashj fight in SSC
Been around since '05, still around all these years later. I need to figure a way i can get Blizzard to transfer names or something so I can take Ugnok back for my warrior.
On a different account now but have been on T horn since the Gates of AQ. Shout out to World Funeral, Forsaken's Finest, Ripple Effect, Darkness, and Orgrimmar Bowling League.
Been here on Thunderhorn since the early days of TBC (with about 90% of that time in Ripple Effect).

Anyone from Diplomatic Immunity, Echoes of Eternity, or 2007-era Chaos Theory still lingering?
Been in the same place pretty much since the Naxx patch in Ripple with a brief stint in Darkness and The Dignified. Heyas T horn / BE.
Good God, SamH is playing again?

Man, look at all these old names. Memories memories. Anyone seen Muinfah around, or is he pretty much permagone?
Lots of good memories on this Thunderhorn server.

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