Old School (BC) THorn

Blade's Edge and Thunderhorn
i was around, played a few different characters, was with the whole Divinus/robot house/ undisputed crew for a long time till around the end of lich king
Anyone know where "Cons" an UD shadow priest went to from back in BC/wotlk, was also known as Cishop.
08/02/2017 08:33 AMPosted by Xue

Yep I remeber GPS...good times
Just recently got back.. apparently I transferred my mage to a PvP realm in 2008.

I was in TF and Lobster Brood way back when. Old the good ole' WSG days with Helghast and playing against Psisserat & Patton.

I'm still trying to get a wrap around all the changes in the game.
I can remember Final Empire and Lobster Brood being the Top guilds. Sitting in Org on top of the bank and having the #1 troll on chat * Hathcok* getting banned every other week. Good Times
I remember....

Filling in with PoE while they were working on their first kill of Barron Geddon.

Kaisey loosing his guild.

Running Dire Maul opening day.

Prowl coming back before BC and booting everyone out of Oath... and everything that followed.

I was on Pandaloco's trial run with Imminent (or was it PoA... cant remember). Those that remember know THAT drama.

Reaps and his pug raids of MC.

Building a mana drain set for the bat boss in ZG.

And so much more....

I have seen things you people wouldn't believe.

Raid guilds on fire over drops from Nefarian.

I watched PoM Pyroblasts glitter in the dark near Stratholm gate.

All those moments will be lost, like tears in rain.

Time to log.

Oh and Hi Kukl!
I just came back after an 8 year hiatus. Played from Vanilla up to Lich King. Soo lost with how much has changed. Say hi if you see me in game:)

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