What music do you play while in game?

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Hey all! Just wanted to break up the QQ posts with something different.
3 names for PVP, Raids/Dungeons, and for Questing/Misc. - wow + music = EPIC TIMES!

For PVP, I love:

All My Life - Foo Fighters
Leper Messiah - Metallica
My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark - Fall Out Boy


Metallica BLACK
Metallica ...And Justice For All
Linkin Park Hybrid Theory


So many great songs, I usually just have a 30 song mix of my favs for that week.

Regardless of how you play WOW - its EPIC and special to all of us! So put a post with some of your favorite music to play while in game! Have an epic weekend and I'll see you all in Legion :)
The sound of a smile violin, because it's all you hear these days in game or on forums.

But seriously 60 to 80s rock, some 90s. Rancid, Nirvana, Korn and Slayer, music died after 1999
I basically listen to 300 or so songs on rotation of 50 per week.

The only musical experimentation I do at this point is Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist.
At the beginning of the Expac I usually just listen to the game music cause it's always great - especially when it's still fresh.

Later on in the expac (or in PvP) I usually listen to 70s-80s rock/metal (Guns N' Roses/Iron Maiden/Megadeth are my go-to).

Sometimes for raids I'll throw on more relaxing stuff.
I've recently been getting into Porcupine Tree like the prog snob I am. They're amazing.

I usually just listen to an Indie/Alternative mix. Every once in a while I'm in a metal/rock mood and will rock that.

I'm with the OP, Metallica is legit!

Do you like the new song? Sounds like the old school Metallica.
The in-game background music on a loop.
It depends, often it's just random. Earlier today it was a string of Bowie, yesterday it was the Bastion soundtrack. Listening to one game's soundtrack while playing a different game, doesn't that mess with space and time somehow?
I usually listen to whatever is playing within the game, unless it's the trueshot lodge, because that music in there reminds me too much of blade n soul game... lol

other than that I like listening to the ambience of what's going on around me within the game.
I play wow music
I used to play the soundtrack to Symphony of the Night when I would farm Kara.
I have three playlists. One is WoW songs (this is a Youtube playlist).

Then I have a "Smooth" song playlist of songs like "Like I'm Gonna Lose You" Megan Trainor and John Legend, "7 Years" Lucas Graham, "Shake it Out" - Florence + The Machine, "Good Life" One Republic, etc...

My last one has rock songs by Linkin Park, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Halestorm, Evanescence, etc...

electro swing.
KPOA 93.5 FM. Mellow
I have two Pandora stations primarily - either 60s/70s or 80s/90s rock. So I get a lot of Zep and Journey.

If I am just relaxing I will go to Spotify and put on some selected classical music - early 20th century mostly.
anything from Stevie Wonder and The Temptations to Linkin Park.
In game music.
I listen to everything.

EDM, Pop, Rap, Pop punk/Rock/metal, music from the 70s all the way to the current era.

Depends on the mood and what I'm doing in game. Sometimes I just like the in game music lol
Either trailer music on youtube or trap. I also throw in some die antwoord in there when I feel like it.
I guess I'm dumb, I listen to the game's music, I don't feel the need to listen to anything else while playing a game.

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