(H) <Dont Die> 8/8N 6/8H LFM for Uldir!!

Hey everyone! We are still looking for a tank and are now 9/11H! Come have fun with us!
Hello everyone! Updated progression and current recruitment needs!! We have seemingly filled the tank position for the time being!
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we are once again looking for a tank! We are going to be pushing for AoTC here very soon and would love to get a skilled and dependable tank to join us! 940 + ilvl would be ideal! looking to hear from you all soon!
That's a wrap! We have finished up our Heroic Antorus progression! But if you are still interested in joining we will be doing plenty of fun activities through the remainder of legion!

We are currently in the process to begin working our way through and farming Mythic Gul'dan to obtain mounts. :)

If interested in joining, just reach out to Wildlight in game or add War#1291 to battle tag :)
Hey everyone! We are looking for more awesome people to join us for fun times and pixel slaying throughout BfA! If you want more info just reach out!

Adding you to chat! btag j377ik#1352
Updated recruitment needs! Come join an awesome guild that has lots of fun!
Our raid roster is currently full! But we are always seeking fun loving players for leveling, Mythic Plus, and casual pvp!
Bump! Updated roster needs and current progression!

If you are looking for a fun guild to join, take a look here!
Updated for progression! Hoping to close out this week at 4/8H!! If you're a skilled and laid back player looking for a good home, check us out!
Updated for progression! Now at 3/8H! Two new bosses fall before us tonight!
Do you guys have any needs as of 9/25 reset?
09/25/2018 01:28 PMPosted by Damonjaeger
Do you guys have any needs as of 9/25 reset?

Add my battletag Wild#11964 and we can discuss in more detail. :)
Hello everyone! We are looking for a tank with equal progression to us (8/8N 3/8H) to help us continue! We are losing a tank due to some unforeseen circumstances, and could use your help!

If you wanna join a fun and awesome guild, check us out!
Updated recruitment! Nearly 5/8H and having a blast. If you're looking for a unique and fun guild please reach out!
Updated recruitment needs! Seeking 2 skilled ranged DPS with similar progression as us! Come have some fun and kill bosses!
Updated recruitment needs! Looking for a priest healer and a ranged dps! Come join this awesome, and fun guild and get to see some content. :)
Bump! Still looking for a healer and a ranged dps! Come join the fun!

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