Alliance side Smith

Hydraxis and Terenas
Hello all, I am a Blacksmith on the alliance side. Although I have posted this info for my guild mates, I felt perhaps I should help out the community as well.

As most of us know, we need 4 crafted items to unlock the forge and thus willing to make Demonsteel Armgaurds. I don't charge a fee for my time, only that you bring me the mats.
As of current post, I am only one star rank in the item so the mats are a lot.
What you need is 55 Demonsteel bars (which takes up 2 felslate and 1 leystone ores per bar) and 80 Stormscales.

If you happen to needing this item for the quest, or future gearing up, please just send me a friendly tell if you see me on. If I don't respond keep in mind I could be in deep trouble surrounded by monsters.

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