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Leaving the Maw of Souls while you are in the cage leaves the debuff on you. I am unable to do anything. My character is stuck in a silenced hell and I can't do anything. THIS BUG IS RIDICULOUS. I LITERALLY CANNOT PLAY THE GAME. How did a bug like this slide through?!?!
this just happened to me. i am furious. how did you fix it? please respond!!!!!!!!
Just had this happen to a ret pally in our group, didnt find a way to fix it yet, ported out of the dungeon, logged out, got killed after he got healer aggro, he was even stuck when outside the dungeon.

EDIT: that player fixed it eventually; his latest attempts was that he teleported out, and he was dead (I forget if he died inside or outside the dungeon), then he logged on to a different character and then logged back on to his bugged toon. He was still dead outside the dungeon, but he was able to get back inside alive and carry on the dungeon
This sounds extremely griefable. I think I'll suck up the deserter debuff if I happen to get maw of souls, just to be on the safe side.

Bump for you guys... a little discouraging the OP is from 4 days ago and it's still happening though.
I am bugged here on my priest too, i couldnt move after the cage sequence and even after hearthing/teleporting in and out/ etc... cannot move, not even in dalaran. still stuck.
Dont leave midway through an instance, there's a good fix for now

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