Flexible raider looking for guild

Muradin and Nordrassil
I am looking for an established raiding guild on Muradin/Nordrassil that will be raiding in legion once content is released. I also would like to do some PVP, mainly RBG. I spent most of WOD in as a Hunter/Lock running RBG with Pugs and doing 2's with a roommate. Skipped out on most of the raids except BRF due to my guild transferring to a different server before HFC went live. I have raided since WOWLK (minus CATA- skipped that whole xpac for college) with one small IRF group of friends/family members.

I would prefer running as a paladin tank but, I am flexible and could go as the following:

Tank: Paladin, Warrior
Ranged dps: Warlock, Hunter
Melee: Warrior, Shaman, Paladin
Healer: Shaman
(Paladin is currently 110 at 805, the rest are still sitting in the garrison at 100).

I work your basic 8-5 Mon - Fri and normally play from 8:00 pm EST until 11:00. Weekends I spend a good deal of time on and would be willing to schedule raid times.

Leave a comment here or in game message (BT: Wilson42 #1835) and let me know if I can join the team! May your drops never be less than a blue and your hearthstone never on CD.

(I also play Hearthstone on my phone quite often in case anyone is into that sort of stuff).

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