Getting Kicked To Character Select

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Twice now. What's up?
Over and over for me. Can't play at all.
I just logged in for first time today and have a black screen on all realms.
Same thing, I play on Sargeras-US Ally side.
DC'd, rollback a bit, DC again.
take a break... it'll be over in a while... have lunch/dinner/ whatever.
The Legion is winning. :(
Same. Glad to know it's not just me.
Its a lot of servers (possibly all)
same here, dced to character screen. completed 2 wardens world quests, but after being dced, the completions were erased and the world quests disappeared.
Three times here..
This keeps happening to me too...I keep trying to talk to Nomi in the alli kitchen in Dalaran and I can't for the life of me stay connected.

Hellscream server.
If you read the thing when you log in, it tells you.
"Server stability and lag".

Take that to mean whatever you want.
dc'd 2 times here for me and over 6 times to the hubby.. can't do anything atm because of this.. I was almost done with a dungeon and bam.. dc'd and dungeon completely reset

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