Is it just me or is the ability pretty damn awful!
-it's a long CD of 45 sec.
-it requires a long cast time.
-and its damage is very /meh.
-good luck getting this thing off in PvP. You're just begging to be kicked and locked out of your spells!

With these long cast spells like Glacial Spike and now this Ebonbolt I'm finding myself not feeling very 'frost Mage like' anymore. Sort of bummed!! Just getting off simple shorter time cast like frostbolts and poly in PvP is difficult enough. Glacial spike and Ebonbolt....yo forget about it.

IMO Ebonbolt could've easily been given a 30 sec CD and made an instant cast! (Some better animation wouldn't hurt either) Now that would've been a kick !@# ability truly worthy of the artifact weapon status.

TLDR: Just got my artifact weapon today, and the new Ebonbolt ability.....was most displeased and underwhelmed. Just doesn't feel much like a frost Mage with all these LONG cast abilities IMO.
Ebonbolt is the only long cast time spell I have. Glacial Spike is a trap unless you can game it just right, and I don't care to do that (especially because I will NEVER take Rune of Power). Ebonbolt hits for about 150% of my Frostbolt and procs two charges of Fingers of Frost. That seems pretty beneficial to me. It feels great while questing. I find PVP to be awful, yet I can see how it would be a problem in that area of the game.
I'm with you on this Ilorien. Not only do I refuse to take RoP but I don't feel like Glacial Spike is a very great spell. I'd take TV or CmS over it for questing, dungeons and raids. I'm sure it's fine numbers-wise but it doesn't feel or look good and like you I don't want to have to "game" IF.

Ebonbolt on the other hand I quite like. Sure the cast time isn't great, but it will improve as we get more Haste and as you said, it hits like a truck and procs 2 FoF. Up until I hit 110 it could easily chunk down 50% of a mobs hp with a crit/shatter. Same goes for Flurry+Ice Nova which is also really fun.

I'm sure the long cast times aren't great for ranked PvP or BGs but I haven't had any major issues with it for the tiny amount of WPvP that has been going on. Not really relevant I know, but still... If you can get it off against a single opponent it hits really hard, as do the Ice Lances it procs. Couple that with IN and CmS and they're not looking good.

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