What will it take for you to join the Legion?

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09/04/2016 11:54 AMPosted by Kelrexia
09/04/2016 11:34 AMPosted by Scryll
Everyone has it. That means it's not cosmetic dental surgery, it's just the only dentistry they know. Got a cavity? We'll just remove all the tooth around it so there's no hole anymore. They plainly require that you only use practitioners in their own network. No, their dental coverage is poor.

Well, that does raise an interesting question. We know that some races like Night Elves and Draenei have fairly prominent canines in any case, but we see that Illidan (for example) has a mouth of nothing but sharp teeth. So were the sharp teeth just a side effect of him becoming a demon, or did he actually sit in the chair for several hours as they were individually sharpened?

Hmm. If I'm correct in examining these images, the bloodtotem tauren in Highmountain have visibly more pointed teeth than the rest of their Highmountain brethren. But I'm looking at screenshots and the datamined images, my rogue isn't in the zone yet to sap them and conduct a detailed examination.
The safety of the populace of Quel'thalas and the destruction of Dalaran. And what I mean by the safety of Quel'thalas is that all Thalassians, excluding myself are spared from the influence and destruction of the Legion. So if I died in service of the Legion I know that Quel'thalas would survive. Everything Damila does is for the betterment of Quel'thalas even if she's killed by her brothers and sisters, as long as Quel'thalas continues to exist, she is satisfied. Glory to the Sin'dorei! That is Damila's motivation.
The point where i wouldve joined them was destroyed the moment their Leader decided ending all life in the universe was The Faction's long term goal.

If their goal wasnt to destroy all Life in the universe my Night Elf Druid would be a Satyr Druid by now.
After what they did to Ysera and Varian, no way.
army of felhunter puppies

And being allow to hug everyone, seriously, I want to hug every demon.
09/04/2016 05:33 AMPosted by Zmaria
Just give me 16(16 is my favorite number) succubus, Shivvara and Eredaer as wives, with the promise of Night elves, blood elves, Nightbornes and Humans as wives when azeroth is conquered and I'll treat them right. As well as a world to call my own and I'm theirs. Oh and give me a few orcs.

OH! and a master chef that can cook all my favorite foods.

You're clearly not married. Ones hard enough to deal with.
A complete revamping of the structure of the game so as to introduce them as a third faction.
09/04/2016 11:33 AMPosted by Waluthelia
Dunk Dalaran and my sword is theirs.

*raises glass*

A toast my fair Walu! To the destruction of the purple pointy things!
I would be sorely tempted if they told me they would destroy the Horde and keep the entire Alliance safe, while making me as powerful as Kil'jaeden or Archimonde.

But I wouldn't join. As any draenei would say "Krona ki cristorr!"
If they let me put down the people starting Jaina and Sylvanas threads, I'd do it. Though I guess that would be a good chunk of the story forum, but so be it.
The feathering of all raptors and devilsaurs and the destruction of all canines, including worgen.
09/05/2016 05:04 AMPosted by Oaglor
The feathering of all raptors and devilsaurs and the destruction of all canines, including worgen.

I'll amend my requirements to involve you in the list of people to put down. <3
More or less what Elisande did. If I could literally scry into the future and know, with 100% certainty, that the Legion's victory was inevitable and my people's only chance of survival lay in allegiance, I might be willing to play ball and hope vainly that someone more willing to defy fate than I am would come along and prove the numbers wrong.
All I'm going to say is, the Legion better have some really high-quality memes if they want my services.
Access to Grimtotem tattoos and those sick moose antlers for my Tauren, and I want updated Worgen models.
Cookies and pie, with a glass of milk.

Edit: And let me kill players in my faction.
Illidan's brothel, and a Klondike bar. I still cant believe the black temple.
09/04/2016 04:50 AMPosted by Morjaerq
Me? Just let me rule over whatever shattered world of Azeroth remains when you are done with it Sargeras my man.

Also, it would be sweet if they gave me the power to combine my 8 favorite class specializations into one!

I'm down with traveling. I don't understand all the lore as it seems complex at times, but the legion can jump to any timeline right? I'd love to see how alternate events turned out in the multiverse.
Getting another dose of the illidan is the chosen one bullcrap would make setting the world on fire seem appealing
I'd need a harem full of fatty women, a palace as elaborate as Skyreach and Dalaran combined, my own dragonflight, my own brewing company, and giant spinning tops of doom... Likewise, if I have to be a raid boss, I want to drop a hoverboard/sky-cycle mount that is as rare as Invincible's Reins are. If some "Elite Group of Adventurers" decide to pop by my pleasure palace and storm the place without wiping their feet, I need an army of Arakkoa and Draenei to protect the place.

09/05/2016 05:04 AMPosted by Oaglor
The feathering of all raptors and devilsaurs and the destruction of all canines, including worgen.

This works too! Birds and reptiles shall rule!

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