New Guild <SpecialTaskForceUnicorn>

Muradin and Nordrassil
Hey there, I just came back for legion and noticed my guilds have disappeared. So I thought maybe it was time for a fresh start. So...

What is <S.T.F.U.>? A fresh start with new people. Where you play the way you want to. If people want to raid, we will raid. Pvp? Sure we can do that.

Why Choose <S.T.F.U.>? Everyone has a voice. Diverse input will make for a well rounded guild as a whole. Wow was meant to be a social game, our goal will be to have an active community where any member can create and hold events. The community will be governed by the members not a dictatorship of an elitist clique.

Who is <S.T.F.U.> looking for? Anyone looking for a fresh start and is willing to make this guild a place people want to be. New people, Veterans, Social players, or any other kind of players all are welcome. No drama ,mature people looking in the same direction.

Alot of you are like me, Full time job and family. You may not have an abundance of time to play so you would like to get the most out of the time you do have. So why not create something good.

So if you are interested in helping to get this going drop a couple lines

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