Frost Mage?

Does this crap improve at 110!

This crap is nearly unbearable to level.
PvP is a joke with unpeelable melee ripping me to shreds in seconds.
Crazy low damage
Crap survivability
It does not get better just jump on the fire train now.
It's pretty easy to level with. I haven't really been eager to get into PvP yet (I've barely played since TBC). As for your damage, no, it doesn't get better. Frost mages are near the bottom of the pack for damage right now. It's lovely.
I'll be streaming some Frozen Chicken this week. Frost is not *good*, but I think in certain comps it can be playable.

Or I'll just go back to Fire.
Gets better in open world at around 810 ilevel. Not great but better.

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