"For Keeshan!" An RP Leveling Adventure (A)

Ravenholdt and Twisting Nether

LOCATION: Shalewind Canyon Camp, Redridge

NEXT DATE: Thursday, October 27, 11:00 am Realm Time

Current Notes: We've completed the quests through the one titled, "The Grand Magus Doane." Do NOT take the next quest line named, "AHHHHH AHHHHHHHHH" This is where we'll pick up next week, with plans to complete the Keeshan questline in Redridge and move beyond.


For those interested in a different sort of ROLE PLAY experience, I'm pleased to offer up "For Keeshan!" - a serious, yet comedic, paced, 100% in-character RP adventure where players will live the events centered around John J. Keeshan and Bravo Company in Redridge. Once completed, we will venture forth into the world for revenge, with the ultimate, drunken goal of genocide of the entire Orc race, possibly ending with an assault on Orgrimmar itself.

We all know that the Keeshan story arc is a ‘bit’ outside the Warcraft canon. However, it fits perfectly into the theme of this pacer. It’s based upon the ideology that the district of Redridge is filled with a more 'isolated' sort of folks, ones that prefer Stormwind stay out of their business. They think any news not generated from within the district is propaganda, and a giant conspiracy by the King.

Two years ago, I led a paced group called, "Alas, Gilneas!" In it, we explored what Worgen were all about, beginning with the starter zone and moving out into the world. It led to true, in-depth character development and lasted almost 2 full years of weekly rp sessions.

If you are seeking long-lasting rp, that tastes great and is incredibly fulfilling, then you might be For Keeshan.

Therefore, without further adieu, I offer you, “For Keeshan!”



You’re a typical citizen of Redridge and never been out in the world. Never wanted to, really. I mean, what does the world have that Redridge don’t? You have a place to stay, a tavern to guzzle ale and friends who’ll sit around a campfire with and talk about how Stormwind should mind their own business and leave folks in Redridge well enough alone. What you do appreciate about the King, is his military, and all the battles they fight while you swill beer – especially against the race you hate most: Orcs.

You might be an out of work logger, a part-time goretusk hunter or preacher at the local Church of Light. Don’t matter none, cause all Redridge folks is family – meaning folks not from Redridge are forn’ers, not to be trusted.

You ain’t got much coin, and what you do have is probably spent buying cheap ale from the Lakeshire Inn. Life’s good and work is only to make living easy enough to get by. Your horse, though, is the best coin can buy and you dream of owning one of them fancy mechanohogs.

Then, out of the blue, you receive a letter asking you to come to the Townhall for some urgent business. Fearing it might be a tax collector (or some other shadowy agent of the King) wanting to take your hard earned coppers, you go and prepare to bow-up against the man.

Instead, you meet a well-dressed, smooth talking commander calling himself Colonel Troteman. Having a love of all things military, you listen:

“You ever heard of John Keeshan? I was his commanding officer throughout all three great wars. Let me tell you, that man has killed more orcs than any man alive. If anyone can stop the Blackrock orc invasion, it's JOHN J. KEESHAN. We need to get him to help us or Lakeshire will be nothing more than a mound of rubble and ash after that massive Blackrock Army marches through to Elwynn.

I heard he was fighting in the underground fight club at the Lakeshire inn. Find him and tell him everything you know.”

Damned straight! You’ve been to the fight club and love it. You’ve watched men beat themselves senseless, maybe even bet a copper or two on the outcome. Therefore, when you hear that one of the men is a famous warrior and he needs your help, you gather your beer, your buddies and tell them the story.

With Redridge blood boiling hot and thinned with Lakeshire Lager, you and your friends head to the fight club to convince Keeshan to fight.

Thus begins your adventure…

DAY: Thursday
LENGTH: 2 hours, once per week
START DATE: October 13th

SANCTUM link: http://tinyurl.com/z8xnzfp

A commitment is a post on this thread stating your intentions to play, as well as a character name/class and any brief info for that character. They are all from Redridge, so more than likely know one another based upon the Scenario.



START: LEVEL 18 (+/- 1 level). Your character should be leveled only to the point where this quest becomes available. You should not have any quality gear other than a good quality weapon (if that). Go white or grey. With a group, it will make the fights more fun and there’s no worry about dying.

RACE: You SHOULD be Human. However, Gnomes and Dwarves are fine if you don’t mind ‘em bein’ called midgets and such. Elves should work as well, but not preferred. Maybe Worgen, but that might be too damned weird. If you can make it work, then we can. Draenai? Nope. Redridge don’t need no aliens.

We HATE Orcs. All orcs. All other Horde races we’ve never encountered; pretty sure we hate them, too.

We’ve been living in isolation in Redridge, so any non-local news source will be seen as be lies or Stormwind’s attempts to control us and keep us a’feared.

We aren’t the brightest stars in the sky. We’re superstitious and believe in conspiracy theories. At the same time, we’ve strong common sense and can fight like no one’s business. With enough beer in us, we can take Orgrimmar single handed.


Paced means we all agree to maintain a +/- 1 level with everyone in the party. We all start at the same level, then move through the world doing quests that align with the goal of the story. In this case, it’s getting revenge for Orcs killing Keeshan once we complete the story arc in Redridge.

100% IN CHARACTER: when the clock starts, we go full immersion and remain completely in character during the entire 2 hour session. For the most part, anyway. We will use /SAY and /EMOTE for all RP so others in the world can experience our story as well. In other words, no voice rp. Therefore, be prepared to type. Also, we don’t take off for typos, of which I am KING.

STORY, NOT GEAR: The pacer is about RP and creating story by playing the game. Gear is not the goal of this pacer. In fact, for this particular story, ‘green’ gear of any sort is almost out of character. We’ve barely a copper to our name, so having something more than a good sword or well-oiled rifle is too far. Also, when we DO earn coin, it goes toward buying beer. The more coin, the more we can drink when we'z done.

A point on gear. With a group of four or five, there is rarely a chance of dying if you are in white/gray gear. However, if you get caught alone, you might take a beating. This is more realistic and fun, to be honest. By all means have deep bags and spend gold on them. Also, if we go into instances, we can use heirlooms during those if needed.


1) Weekly Group leveling + Heavy, immersive RP
2) Relaxed, cooperative, non-micro-managed atmosphere, centered around the story and how our players gain their revenge
3) VAST emphasis on character/story over gear/performance.
4) Slowish leveling & new, immersive way of looking at a familiar zone and quests
5) General flow of "Paced Storyline" will be my responsibility, with lots of room for flexibility and individual input/ideas by members.


1) Willing to create a new character that is UNGUILDED
2) Commit to staying 100% IC during the specified pacer time
3) Commit to staying within +/- 1 level of the current Pace
a. The Pace is determined by where we stopped the previous week
4) ENCOURAGED (not required) to keeping a journal on the forums of your character's thoughts
a. A brief backstory is required before we launch. Stick to basics keyed to the pacer and let it grow
5) Commit to attending the 2 hour weekly event
6) BOA's or heirlooms are not allowed. Commit to leveling with gray/white gear. A green weapon is ok
7) Keep OOC drama out of the pacer

CURRENT CAST of CHARACTERS as of 10/4/2016

1) Brother Jebediah Bradferd - Human Monk (in-game: BRADFERD)
2) Ellie Webb - Human Priest (in-game: Elliewebb)
3) Charolett “Charlie” Smith - Human Paladin (in game: Charolett)
4) Tomeya Summers Human Hunter (in-game:Tomeya)
5) Kainen - Human Hunter (In game: Kainen)
So there you have it, WoW fans! If you have any questions, feel free to post them here. While I will be leading the pacer as an event, every player will have the opportunity to 'lead' sessions and the IC group leader will emerge organically.

I realize that morning RP groups/events are not the norm, but due to work/life, this is the only time I can actually devote to serious RP. I love the community and have been a part of Ravenholdt for a few years - especially writing on the Sanctum.

If you want to join, please post a potential character in the thread and I will consider that a commitment. Like I said, when we have five, we'll roll forward. Also, people can join at any point along the way, and I'll keep a pacer update on the forums with current level and session recaps.

I'll begin with my own character, and I look forward to meeting you!


Jarington & Co.
Brother Jebediah Bradferd - (in-game: Bradferd)
Human Monk

Brother Jeb's been brewing shine in Redridge since he was knee-high to a grasshopper. It’s been a family tradition, dating back as far as any old timer could bother to recall. That bein said, he’s torn. His friend Charlie’s gone an become a paladin, and plans to hire on with the mysterious Col. Troteman; she wants Jeb to join her. Thing is, the only fight’s he’s be in were bar-room brawls and wackin’ wild hogs with his staff.

‘Sides, he’s got a new batch a shine guaranteed to be legendary. How could he leave folks high an dry to help some for’ner like the Colonel? Ain’t that what those Stormwind Guards are for?
Ellie Webb - (in-game: Elliewebb)
Human Priest

Ain't nobody who hates orcs more than Ellie Webb. Newly widowed and freshly, uh, /separated/ from the Church after her husband's funeral, Ellie still keeps her faith with the Light for one reason: wiping out as many filthy green-skinned bastards as she possibly can. She's not all that particular about the hows and whys, just the last breaths.

Ellie doesn't care much about demons in faraway lands... far as she's concerned, there's plenty enough right here in Redridge to worry about.

(( This sounds like fun! Sign me up, please, though I've never done a paced scenario like this but it sounds great. Couple questions if you don't mind: what happens after the story ends? Are we able to use this event as 'canon' for the character? For what it's worth, I plan on leveling her as a healer, with a gradually growing slant to Shadow. Other than that, letting it develop. ))
Charolett “Charlie” Smith (in game Charolett)
-Human Paladin-

I always tinkered with the notion of bein a warrior when I weren't working in me Pa's blacksmith. That is until I got filled with the spirit at the Brewfest a few days ago. I were finishin me last tankard of free ale when I fell and hit me head on a rock. I seen brillant lights flashin before me eyes, before dwarf threw a bucket o water on me and ruined it.

I made me way to the fancy Church in Stormwind to tell the Holy people of me personal encounter with the light. I think they were jealous. They practically begged me to become a warrior anyway!

Angry with the so called holy folks, I left, but I “borrowed” one o the Paladin spell books on me way out. I will mail it back to them after I use it to clean up Red Ridge of those mud eating, slime skinned, pig stealing, demon loving orcs once and for all!
Hello Airyse & Jenasis!

Thank you for signing up. The initial "Scenario" is the juice to get things started. The idea that we're motivated to move beyond the borders of Redridge for vengeance is where the story goes. As far as it ending, well, I don't think it ever truly ends.

I would say this would be great 'canon' for your character. You will know your character inside and out by the time we leave Redridge; especially if we journal about them between sessions.

A little more about paced leveling. Since we are driven by story, the race to collect gear, levels, epic lootz is irrelevant. Blizzard created a world and storyline that our characters work through toward max level. What we do in a PACED ADVENTURE, is live the story as it's written. We follow the quests that have meaning for us as we move toward our ultimate goal of vengeance for Keeshan.

In addition to that, we are learning who are characters are, what they truly want and how those values align with the goal. We act through time, as if it were happening in the moment we play. Whatever our characters do, it should be done as if it were real.

We wouldn't run the entire distance from Stormwind to Redridge without collapsing from exhaustion. We'd stop at a local tavern, or camp out under the trees, keeping watch for outlaws. This sort of thing.

Therefore, the pace will be SLOW, giving massive amounts of time to RP.

As far as class/type of character, I have no issues with anything as long as it's in the game mechanics and makes sense within the WoW.

I might suggest starting the most basic of characters (like you have) and let them develop. They will change, grow and expand as we play. Therefore, the more room for creative space in the beginning, leads to deeper characters down the road.

I hope I answered your questions! If you have anything else, let me know and please be sure to FRIEND the characters as they are posted.

Alright, WoW fans! We have three signed up. Two more would be fabulous.
For those who've signed up, we're looking to BEGIN next Thursday, October 13th. Anyone else wishing to join us, please have your character leveled up to 18 and ready to take the Colonel Troteman quest.

If you are interested and concerned about time/dedication requirements, don't be. Life happens, & is most important. There are no pacer police to toss you in the stockade. Play as long as you can, even if it's an hour, or every other week. S'all good.

Therefore, here are the NEWLY minted details:

START DATE: October 13th
DAY: Thursday
TIME: 11:00am realm time
LOCATION: Lakeshire Tavern - Redridge
Tomeya Summers (in-game:Tomeya)
Human Hunter

Well, her momma may've been some high and snooty lady took a liking to her poor daddy once, but there weren't no place for bastard kids in fancy-pants lands. The result of that passionate tussle in the stable loft showed up at his doorstep nine months later in the arms of 'ol Nanny.

Tomeya done growed all up, and is earning tips as a serving girl. Can't blame her for using the charms her momma musta gave her. If a drunkard gets too grabby, there's always daddy's shotgun to back them off, if she don't just sic her big-a** dog on 'em! She might have more brains than your average Redridger, but there's a lot to be said for upbringing. She's as hick as any of them and if you don't believe it, just go up against that girl in the annual turkey shoot. She's been winning that Pilgrim's Bounty bird since she were knee-high to a grasshopper, and she'll do it agin or her last name ain't Summers!
Hello WoW fans!


We now have four signed up For Keeshan! (He'd be so proud). It's a dynamic group forming up, with a Monk, a Priest, a Paladin and a Hunter stepping forward.

In addition to the classes, the Monk is the only male character so far.

There's still time to answer the call for Keeshan!
Hello again!

As we draw ever closer to the start date, I would invite the current cast (and players considering playing as well) to use an RP addon. I use MRP, but have no preference.

Less than a week to go. If you aren't in, you're missing out. In my humble opinion, of course. ;)

*cheers* Two days to go!
Yes! Thursday morning and we have FIVE signed up. One hasn't posted their bio, but he's ready to go.

Thank you for signing up and I look forward to meeting you all.

Now only 23 hours to go!

Anyone else wanting to join on day 1 better hurry :)
Hello again, Keeshan fans!

For all of you signed up to play, as well as anyone else interested in playing, tomorrow morning at 11:00am is GO TIME!

I would request that everyone show up at least 15 minutes (30 minutes best) early so we can say hello, make introductions and set the stage so to speak. It's not assumed that we know one another, so coming early to establish IC relationships would be helpful. It also allows everyone to "take their places" and move into character at 11:00 sharp.

One thing to be aware of: these quests are heavily phased, so we'll need to TURN IN quests simultaneously. I'll use PARTY or RAID CHAT to announce when. This will allow for RP conversations/actions to occur before, during and after completion.

Most important for Day One, is to know why your character is there in the first place. Everything beyond will be pure, in the moment creation.

UPDATE: Transmogs. In order to obtain a realistic look for a 'Ridger, you'll probably need to use some green gear to transmog. Use what you need to get the look. For instance, Brother Jeb has green boots, pants and a staff. The rest is either absent or white/gray.

So, come transmogged with a great look and I'll see you tomorrow.
And we're off!

Thank you to everyone who came out and played. I'm looking forward to weeks and months of steady, solid RP on Ravenholdt.
We missed you Airyse! Check the top of the post for current information to catch up next week.

Week two was fabulous, and Bravo Company is destined for greatness. Or so we think....
*a small letter waits for Bravo Company, its folded parchment written in a kaldorei hand, though dictated by Ellie*

My dear Bravo Company,

I cannot wait to tell you this in person, as the boat is leaving this very day.

Something has... it's truly a miracle, there are no other words. They found Grayson, and he's alive. I can barely imagine it but the courier said that he is being transferred to Lakeshire, and was asking for me. I have no choice but to go back to Redridge, apparently he was wounded quite severely and only just now has woken up and was able to tell them who he is and where he's from.

I'm not even sure how word reached me here, though I suspect that Colonel Troteman had a hand in it since he knew where we were going.

I truly could not have wished for a better set of friends and comrades, and I'm sorry to leave so abruptly but I hope you'll understand. Working with you all saved my life, I truly think.

For Bravo Company!
Ellie-Mae Webb

(( RL has gotten a little bit nuts and sadly I can't continue to participate in the adventures of Bravo Company. I had a great time and met some truly wonderful people. This was truly a great adventure, and a fantastic roleplaying experience. Thank you, and I'm sorry to have to back out so suddenly. ))
Heartbroke, but grateful for the time we did have together!

I wish you joy and happiness in everything you do.

Thank you for playing with us!!!

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