[A] <We are the Returned> casual guild

Hydraxis and Terenas
We are the Returned is looking for players. The aim of this guild is to gather older players who quit during previous expansions but are returning to play Legion, and help each other relearn the game, level up, run instances, and maybe eventually raid. We are not solely open to returning players however. All are welcome, new and old.

A little bit about myself: I quit shortly after Cata released because of a military deployment and just never got back into the game afterwards. I raided extensively in TBC and Wrath and even led a guild on the Gnomeregan server for about a year during the end of Vanilla and early days of TBC running my guild all the way through Kara. I hope to provide a casual, fun, and helpful environment for all who join.

If you are interested, contact me here or in game. The guild is not yet formed since I still need signatures for the charter.

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