Your Warrior Song

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Another vote for Amon Amarth, given our flavor this xpac.
the sound of silence.
After Tuesday...
Pantera - Mouth For War.
Sulfur - Slipknot (All Hope is Gone)
P0rn Star Dancing - My Darkest Days (My Darkest Days)
Undead - Hollywood Undead (Swan Songs)
A couple of songs from Disturbed:

One finger and a fist - Drowning pool
Defy you - The offspring
The metal - Tenacious D
Anything other than Rip and Tear by Mick Gordon for Doom 2016 would be a crime at this point
A bunch of good songs in this thread but the first thing that came to my mind when I first read the thread title was Dig by Mudvayne.
Tyr - God of War
Power of thy Sword - Rhapsody of Fire (Cover)
Frontline - Pillar
Warrior - Disturbed
Unholy Warcray - Rhapsody of Fire
Legion - Hammerfall
One of a Kind - Hammerfall
The Chosen Ones - Dream Evil
Snuffel - Equillibrium
Tyr - By the sword in my hand
Nobody - Skindred
Metallica - Damage Inc

Can't think of a more fitting song
Mnemic - Dreamstate Emergency
Lyzanxia - Strength Core
Conquering Dystopia - Destroyer of Dreams
Andy James - War March [Almost anything by Andy James is great warrior music]
Lost Horizon - Highlander (The One) [Settle in - this one is practically an album unto itself]
Mine would be a three-way tie between:

  • Guile theme:
  • Anvil of Crom:
  • Warcraft (film) theme:
  • All three of them give me the badass goosebumps. Honorable mention goes to The Grid by The Crystal Method.
    Disturbed - The Animal
    The power of thy sword - Manowar

    p.s. after reading this thread i think the one who works with warriors at the class design department has an ex who was a metalhead.
    Hell to Pay - miracle of sound
    Its for the new DOOM game love it
    Patti Smith - The Warrior

    Dying to Believe - Parkway Drive
    Proving Grounds - Attila
    Rage - Attila

    Pretty much anything Attila or Parkway Drive

    Above - The Acacia Strain
    Rat King - Emmure
    This confirms my suspicion that warriors are metalheads

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