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In my own words, There are 2 different types of grind.. RNG, and progression.. I extremely dislike Legion's grind, cause its almost all RNG... I dont mind grinding in general, but I want to SEE my progression. Not have RNG dictate who gets what, when..

Here you tell me what seems better.

Progression grind. You need 20 ore, 20 skin, and 2 rare gems (assume thats alot for this example) to make [Sword of badassness] with 500 stat points.

RNG grind. You need to kill this type of mob for a .0001 % of [Sword of Badassness] dropping. You kill 10,398 of them and nothing dropped. while your friend Joe kills like 5 and gets the Sword.

Which seems better? you working for your sword, and seeing the 20 ore go from 1-20 as you collect it by what ever means, knowing you are close to your sword but just need a little more work... Or keep grinding, grinding, grinding. and nothing shows your work.

Something I liked in legion that had the progression type of grinding, Was making my moose mount with leatherworking. I have to complete all of the quests, get to lv 800, then proceed to do the moose quest to unlock the recipe, from there I have to gather all of the skins, Blood of sargeras and felhide. While it didnt exactly take me long, It was fun. I SAW my progression and knew how much work i would have to put in and how much more I needed to earn the reward I worked for.

I can handle legion, for now. Since I know game development is a long and planned out project. But you have time for at least the last patch of legion or the next expac to rely less on RNG.

Not all RNG is bad. But it must be in moderation.

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